“My Hero Academia” Newly drawn anime visual for the CD of the opening theme “No.1” revealed!

The limited edition anime jacket visual of the opening theme “No.1” by the rock band DISH//, which will be released on May 26 (Wed), has been revealed.

The visuals are drawn by Bones, the “My Hero Academia” anime production studio, and show each character in action in the “UA High School Hero Department 1st Year Class A vs Class B: The Joint Training Arc,” currently being depicted in the main anime.

Team A, including Deku and Katsuki Bakugo, Team B, including Neito Monoma and Itsuka Kendo, and the popular character Shinso Hitoshi are all posed in a pose that means “No. 1,” just like the title of the song.

The DVD included in this limited edition includes the non-credit opening movie of the 5th season of “My Hero Academia”.