“Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK)” Characters ‘ Profile

Yuji Itadori

  • Personal Data

Age: 15
Born on March 20th
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College (1st year)

  • Character

is usually friendly and good-natured
is a fair person who cares everyone
highly respects “the value of life”
wants to have a “proper death”
believes that it is morally unethical to take another life

  • Ability

He doesn’t seem to be born with any natural technique, but by learning how to control the curse energy, he has become very capable.The curse energy, coupled with his martial arts skills and superhuman strength, is primarily used to enhance his attacks, increasing their impact and damaging the curse.
Great Curse Energy: Yuji’s curse energy comes from the Ryomen Sukuna component, the special grade curse.
Divergent Fist: After Yuji applies a punch, the cursed energy flows, giving a stronger second impact.
Black Flash: A technique that causes spatial distortion when a shock of cursed energy is connected within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes the cursed power to flash black, making the attack 2.5 times more powerful than a normal attack. Currently, Yuji is capable of using “Black Flash” four times in a row, and has executed it a total of nine times so far.

  • Tool

Slaughter Demon: Originally belonging to Maki Zenin, Gojo Satoru inherited it as a talisman-like weapon. It is effective against curses. It was destroyed by a special class Finger Bearer.

Megumi Fushiguro

  • Personal Data

Megumi is a first-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Age: 15
Born on December 22nd
Height: 175 cm
Student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College (1st year)

  • Chracter

is ostensibly stoic and calculating
wishes to help protect good and kind people
is a secretive person
does not see himself as a hero
have a belief that good people deserve saving
thus quite callous when discussing the deaths of criminals and killers

  • Ability

Immense Cursed Energy: Megumi was able to summon Divine Dog: Totality, Nue, Toad, Rabbit Escape twice in a row, and Max elephant which consumes large amount of cursed energy as well as being able to activate domain expansion.
Ten Shadows Technique: a technique originating from the Zenin family that uses shadows to create shikigami, and can process 10 shikigami at a time. Megumi can use this technique to create a variety of advanced shikigami and store objects and hisself in the shadows.
Chimera Shadow Garden: A realm inundated with large amounts of fluid shadows. In this realm, one can summon multiple shikigami or create a double of oneself in the shadows. Deploying this realm allows Megumi to hide in the shadows of her enemies and attack them from a blind spot. Currently, Megumi’s Domain is unfinished.

  • Tool

Sword with a jet-black blade: Like the other weapons, due to inherited skills, this spell tool is also mainly kept in its own shadow.
Playful Cloud: A special class spell tool that contains pure and certain power, temporarily obtained from Maki Zenin during his confrontation with Hanami, an unregistered special class spell spirit. Although he was able to hit the target successfully during Hanami’s encounter, he felt uncomfortable with the three-tiered weapon. After he finished hitting the target, he exchanged weapons with Maki again.

Nobara Kugisaki

  • Personal Data

Nobara is a first-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Age: 16
Born on August 7th
Height: 160 cm
Student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College (1st year)

  • Chracter

is confident and brash
is determined always to stay true to herself
takes great pride in being both a pretty and strong
Despite her abrasive attitude, she is actually an caring and dutiful person

  • Ability

Great Cursed Energy: Nobara has a large store of cursed energy, and is an expert at manipulating it. Her nails are constantly infused with cursed energy, allowing her to levitate them and hit them with ease. She can also use her curse technique to magnify the cursed energy around the nail. She never seems to run out of cursed energy, and repeats the process over and over again.
Black Flash: A technique that causes spatial distortion when a shock of cursed energy is connected within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes the cursed power to flash black, making the attack 2.5 times more powerful than a normal attack.
Straw Doll Technique: A technique that uses tools such as hammers, nails, and straw dolls to perform jujutsu. By putting cursed energy into the tools, various techniques can be used, such as sharing the damage between the straw doll and the opponent.
Resonance: The cursed energy of Nobara is applied to the target using a straw doll. A link can be established using the target’s severed body parts to attack the more important appendages of the target’s body. When Resonance is triggered, a large black spike protrudes from the target’s chest.
Hairpin: A technique that causes a nail filled with cursed energy to erupt explosively. This causes the shroud of cursed energy around the nail to expand until it explodes.

  • Tool

Straw Doll
Rubber Mallet
: uses this red hammer to attack humans so as not to kill them.

Maki Zenin
  • Personal Data

Maki is a second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Age: 15
Born on January 20
Height: 170cm
is currently a second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High

  • Character

is a very headstrong and straightforward person
strong willed and motivates herself to escape the ties of her sorcerer family
takes the leadership role with. She’s very tough on teammates in training, very impatient and often hot-tempered
Yuji could feel her aura of leadership before even getting to know her

  • Ability

Master Weapon Specialist: She is able to use many different types of weapons, she is considered an expert in all weapons.
High Intellect: Being raised in the Zenin family, Maki understands all aspects of the Jujutsu world. In battle, she is able to stay one step ahead of her opponents and read their movements based on their personalities.
Enhanced Strength: Maki possesses a very high level of strength and can easily defeat a weaker opponent.
Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: She has super fast and superhuman reflexes that even a special level cursed spirit like Hanami can recognize.
Zero Cursed Energy: Her cursed energy is very low to begin with, comparable to that of a typical non-magician. She cannot see curses without glasses filled with cursed energy, and must use cursed tools to exorcise them.

  • Tool

Long naginata polearm with a black cursed tool blade
Playful Cloud: It was given to her by Suguru Geto some time after his defeat, and was stored at Jujutsu High. It is a three-sectioned club that uses cursed energy to increase physical strength. Until the Goodwill event, Megumi kept it in the shadows, but Maki used it to great effect.
Dragon-Bone: The masterpiece of Juzo Kumiya. It can store energy of power and curse, and release it from the back side of the blade according to the will of the wielder. During a meeting with Master Tengen, Maki heard about the location of Juzo’s workshop. Before she knew it, she had gone there and obtained the “Dragon-Bone”. She was going to use it in a duel with her own father.

Toge Inumaki
  • Personal Data

Toge is a second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Age: 16
Born on October 23rd
Height: 164cm
Hair Color: Off-White

  • Character

When he first met Yuta Okkotsu, Toge initially gave him the impression of being quiet and distant.
Toge is actually a very insightful and compassionate person.
He does not speak, lest he curse someone with a curse word.
Yuta was afraid of Toge, but when Toge found out that Yuta’s situation was the same as his own, he opened up to him at once.
Toge could not communicate clearly with someone who was not used to it.
By his actions, Toge showed Yuta that he was a kind and caring friend to others.
Although spellbound by his own abilities, Toge understands that he has a great deal of power.
He is a smart man, able to handle any situation calmly and always knows when to use it and when not to.
Toge has proven himself to be very confident and brave.
At the Goodwill Event, he had just met Yuji and wanted to go help him when he was being attacked by the Kyoto students.
Even against Hanami, a special class curse, he never once panicked. Even though the weight of the curse almost cut his own throat, Toge cast the last spell for Hanami.

  • Ability

High Mobility: Although not as fast by nature as Yuji or Maki, Toge is a very athletic person. He was even able to dodge Hanami’s attacks and chase him across the battlefield until he found his friends. Also, in a baseball game, Toge was one of the only students who took base cleanly after batting and remained a threat to steal bases. His speed surprised even Yuji, and Maki gave him a thumbs up.
High endurance: High stamina was required to use Toge’s curse words. Using the curse word causes a strong irritation to the throat, and if used too much, it can cause one to vomit blood. However, Toge can continue to fight beyond his limits and command even high level opponents.
Cursed Speech : On both sides of his tongue and mouth, Toge bears the “snakes and fangs” emblem of the Inumaki clan. This allows him to imbue his words with a cursed energy, increasing the spirituality of his commands and making all who hear obey. The stronger the command, the greater the burden on the Toge’s body. If the curse is weak, it can be exorcised without recoil by a powerful command, but even a less powerful word will consume more energy and stamina if used against someone whose curse energy is stronger than Toge’s. Communication devices such as cell phones and loudspeakers, as well as voice amplifiers, do not interfere with the technique of the pass, allowing the words and their effects to be projected farther if necessary.

  • Tool

Cough syrup: While in battle, Toge carries a cough syrup with him to cure throat irritation. Using this syrup can greatly extend the time it takes for Toge’s curse words to reach their limit.

  • Personal Darta

He attends Jujutsu High as a second-year student.

Born on March 3rd
Height: 200cm

  • Character

He is not a real panda, but a “Abrupt Mutated Cursed Corpse” created by Principal Masamichi Yaga, who attends Jujutsu High as a sophomore.
Panda is very bright and calm, and has his own sense of humor. When he was younger, he spoke neatly, like a computer, but as time went by, he began to show his own personality. Pandas consider humans to be strange creatures and do not try to be like them, but they respect us as a species.

Pandas are cynical and tend to take any situation lightly. While Mechamaru was trying to kill the panda, the panda continued to tease the cursed corpse of his mate. Panda was even “a little angry” with Mechamaru after he almost destroyed his body. After the fight, Panda sympathized with Kokichi Muta and promised to go see his real body someday.

  • Ability

Enhanced physical strength: Due to his size and sturdiness, the panda has an extremely strong body to begin with. Being able to exorcise a curse with a simple blow, carry an ally with ease, and run through walls with ease are examples of his basic strength. Panda’s punching power is so high that he can stun the durable Aoi with a right hook, or knock out the cursed metal corpse of Mechamaru with a straight punch.

Enhanced Endurance: Panda’s physiology as a cursed corpse allows him to absorb large amounts of damage. They can easily shrug off Mechamaru’s Ultra Cannon and survive the strongest abilities of their opponents.

High tactical intelligence: Due to the circumstances of his birth and his education under Principal Yaga, Panda was highly intelligent from an early age. Pandas are highly analytical in battle and try to stay one step ahead of their opponents. Even Suguru Geto, a sorcerer skilled in tactical reasoning, was surprised by the cleverness of Panda’s fighting style. In his match against Mechamaru, Panda consistently thought about each move before he made it. He calculated the angle of Mechamaru’s cannon so that it would not hit his allies as well. In the same battle, Panda tricked Mechamaru many times to make it look like he had damaged Mechamaru’s core, and won because his opponent underestimated Panda’s intelligence.

Cursed Corpse Cores: Within the panda’s body, there are three cores: the balanced panda, the power gorilla, and a yet-to-be-revealed third core. If these cores are damaged, the panda will not be able to shift into its form until it recovers. The panda can use cursed energy to disguise the location of its cores and compensate for these weaknesses.
Gorilla Mode: The panda can transform into “gorilla mode” by switching to his “brother’s” core. The appearance changes to that of a muscular gorilla, while maintaining the panda’s coloring. The panda becomes stronger and faster in this mode, but at the cost of rapidly draining its cursed energy.
In gorilla mode, the panda’s blows resonate with the target’s body using an “unblockable drumming beat”. The impact is transmitted to the guards, and even if they are defending themselves, they will take damage.

  • Tools

Knuckle bracers: In combat, Panda sports knuckle bracers decorated with panda heads in the center.

Yuta Okkotsu
  • Personal Data

Yuta is currently a second-year student at Jujutsu High where he works as a jujutsu sorcerer. He was training overseas in Africa with Miguel until after the Shibuya Incident when he returned to Tokyo.

Age: 16
Born on March 7th
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue

  • Character

Yuta is a very timid and lonely boy who has been bullied a lot while growing up. Due to the fact that he had been plagued by lycanthropy, he was unable to relate to people and lacked confidence in himself. As a result, he was not good at interacting with people, either scaring them or being too shy to talk to them.

Nevertheless, Yuta genuinely liked people and wanted to isolate himself so that he could be alone. Zenin Maki said that Yuta was a moody kid who had lived his life without goals. He acknowledged this, and based on her advice, he made up his mind to become a jujutsu fighter. Yuta acknowledges this, and takes her advice to strengthen his resolve to become a jiu-jitsu practitioner, and realizes that deep down he wants to be confident in himself.

While his timid nature remains intact, he gradually learns to socialize and interact with people in a normal way. However, he still had a hard time understanding Inumaki Toge. At first, she is afraid of Toge, but when she learns who he really is, he begins to make an effort to connect with people.
By making friends, he became more confident in himself and set a goal of freeing Rika. He felt responsible for turning Rika into a curse and struggled to help her in any way she could. He pushed himself to be stronger in training and took the words of his friends and mentors to heart. At his core, he wants to be a person who can protect others from danger.

In his fight against the outstanding Geto, Yuta showed the darkest part of himself. Geto hurt Yuta’s only friend, and for that, Yuta was willing to kill Geto. Yuta’s anger also allowed him to manipulate Rika’s power at will. In order to avenge his friend, who was the only thing that gave him the confidence to live, he sacrificed his own life and used Rika to kill Geto.

  • Ability

Expert Swordsman: Yuta was given the sword mainly to draw power from Rika. In the second year, Yuta continues to use the katana as his main weapon. As a second year student, Yuta continues to use his sword as his primary weapon, but his skill as a swordsman has improved dramatically and his movement has become much better. His body and sword are strengthened by the energy of the curse, and he can control the sword with superhuman physical ability. He once defeated a large, high-level cursed spirit with a diving thrust so powerful that it cracked the ground beneath the curse.

Immense Cursed Energy: Yuta’s power stems from his relationship with Sugawara no Michizane, but it was only when he turned Rika into a cursed spirit that his power came into play. Rika became a vengeful spirit so powerful that Suguru Shimoto, a collector of powerful cursed spirits, called her the “Queen of Curses. Rika’s boundless curse energy could be shaped into any technique, and Yuta was able to use advanced jujutsu as soon as she learned it.
Despite the fact that Rika’s spirit has been lifted from the curse, Yuta still retains a huge amount of curse energy after the incident. He himself admits that the power of his curse is greater than that of Satoru Gojo. However, Yuta’s energy is depleted much faster than his teacher, who is able to perfectly manage his energy consumption thanks to the Six Eyes. Yuta’s curse energy is on par with Gojyo’s, which Yuji and Nagaso soon find out, with Nagaso saying it’s more creepy and eerie.

Advanced Cursed Energy Control: Initially, as someone who had only been learning jujutsu for about a year as of 2018, Yuta was still learning the ropes of how to control the curse energy. He quickly learned how to channel some of the curse energy into the ring or katana, but he often used Rika’s power to its fullest, rather than controlling it in detail himself. In his fight with Shimoto Sugo, he had infused the katana with an excessive amount of cursed energy at once, resulting in the katana being shattered.
After living abroad for a year, Yuta came back to Japan with much more control over the large amount of curse energy. To compensate for his lack of physical strength, he constantly channeled the curse energy to strengthen his entire body and weapons during battle. This state dramatically increased his strength and speed, making it impossible for his opponent to read the flow of energy.
All of Yuta’s attacks have tremendous destructive power, and he can minimize all damage coming in on him. By falling to the ground with his enhanced body, Yuta can shatter the ground with his impact. In addition, his enhanced physical abilities have improved to the point where he can compete with Yuji Itadori’s natural physical abilities. He is able to counter Yuji’s overwhelming speed with his unarmed katana. He also once had a car thrown at him by a sorcerer with superhuman strength, which he threw back at Yuji.

Cursed Rika Manifestation: After returning from a trip abroad, Yuta manifested Rika again. She is now easier to control than before, and can even form a partial spirit.
Whether this being is related to Rika Orimoto or is a completely different manifestation is currently unknown.

Reverse Cursed Technique: Thanks to Rika’s vast amount of cursed energy, Yuta was able to quickly adapt to his friends’ injuries and heal all of them at once with the Reverse Cursed Technique. With Rika’s help, Yuta was able to use his advanced healing abilities in less than a year of jujutsu training.

  • Tools

Katana: Yuta was given a katana by Gojo as a vessel to channel the energy of Rika’s curse. At first, he could not apply the cursed energy to the sword properly, and could only cut shallowly against the strong cursed spirits. However, through rigorous training and experience in the mission, Yuta was able to correctly wield the sword with the power of Rika. However, the sword was a common sword and could not catch the overflowing energy of the curse, and it broke.

After Yuta broke his first katana, he was given another one and continues to use it even though the original Rika is no longer with him. He continues to use it even though Rika is no longer with him. In battle, he keeps the scabbard on his waist and always keeps the sword drawn. Swordplay, enhanced by the enormous amount of cursed energy, seems to be his main method of combat.

Kinji Hakari

Personal Data

He is a third-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High , where he has been suspended for clashing with the authorities. While away from school, Kinji runs a fight club between sorcerers for money.


Kinji is a very self-centered type of person and cares little for the rules and regulations of the Jujutsu High School. Yuta Otokotsu describes him as moody, and all the students Kinji’s age seem to think he’s a useless guy.

Kinji is the kind of person who likes to see people get carried away. He describes it as a person’s “fever” burning hot. Kinji is smart and pours his heat into manipulating people. He believes that people are desperate to change their lives, and that gambling is an easy way to direct that heat. His goal is to manipulate the fever throughout Japan at Fight Club.

According to Kirara, Kinji’s fever is at its hottest when he is working as a sorcerer at Jujutsu High. However, Kinji’s attitude and latest curse techniques don’t sit well with the higher-ups. After being suspended for assaulting a conservative member of the group, he decided to act outside of their regulations. Kinji hopes to use the chaos caused by the release of the curse to develop his own fight club. His eventual goal is to have his club recognized by the jujutsu community in preparation for the upcoming rule changes.

Kinji is willing to fight for his life against other sorcerers, but only if they show the right heat. Initially, when he met Yuji, Kinji felt that the first year’s heat was weak. On the recommendation of others, Yuuji was sent to him. Yuji explained that he was just a cog in the system of a surgeon, which Kinji thought was boring. However, Yuji proved that he was a cog in the heat and burned hot enough to get Kinji’s attention.


Master Hand-to-Hand-Combat: Kinji was a master of the hand-to-hand sword and exerted life-threatening pressure on Yuji, a master of the taiji. Yuji stopped resisting in order to get Kinji’s approval, but he took many blows and was severely damaged in his first year.

Kirara Hoshi
  • Personal Data

She is a third year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. While away at school, Kirara helps Kinji Hakari, who runs a fight club between sorcerers for money.

Arata Nitta
  • Personal Data

He is a first-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High and the younger brother of Akari Nitta.

  • Character

Arata is a kind and timid young man, which is in contrast to the alpha personality of Aoi Todo. He appears to be nervous in dangerous situations, but is brave and aggressive.

In Shibuya, Arata cured Nobara even though she was in a desperate condition after being transformed into Mahito. Arata knew that Nobara could not be saved, but he reassured Yuji that there was still a chance that she could be saved. Seeing Yuji’s tears, he hoped that even a little bit of Yuji’s determination would be restored so that the same jujutsu practitioner could continue to fight.

  • Ability

Innate Technique: This technique allows Arata to prevent an existing wound from getting any worse. It cannot heal the wound, but it can stop the bleeding and reduce the pain. However, it has no effect on wounds received after this technique is applied.

Mai Zenin
  • Personal Data

She is a second-year at student at Kyoto Jujutsu High.
Age: 16
Born on January 20th
Height: 170cm

  • Character

Mai is a very crude and straightforward person who takes out her desire to not be a sorceress on others. When she met Nobara and Megumi, she insulted them and their dead friend for the sake of school rivalry. She is also always blunt, calling his sister useless and weak.

These attitudes stem from Mai’s desire to lead a normal life and the trauma of being abandoned by her twin sister Maki, who left home. Mai and her sister were both raised in a good family, looked down upon for being female and possessing a small amount of cursed energy. While Mai was content, Maki decided to break her promise to stay with Mai and become a sorceress and left home. Mai had no choice but to become a sorceress to avoid the backlash from the Zenin family.

Mai resents Maki for breaking her promise and has a negative attitude towards most people because of the life she is forced to lead. However, she gets along well with her classmates Kasumi and Momo, and shows a kind side to them. Other classmates believe that she resembles Aoi’s crazy and aggressive personality.

  • Ability

Expert Marksman: Mai is adept at using a handgun in combat. At close range, he can shoot and kill his opponents multiple times. At long range, he can shoot his opponents with sniper-like accuracy. When Nohara tried to defeat Momo in a friendly match, Mai shot a rubber bullet into Momo’s temple, causing Nohara to lose consciousness instantly.

Low Cursed Energy: Mai has above average curse energy for a human, but less than a normal sorceress. Mai can inject curse energy into her gun and fire enhanced bullets. However, neither Mai nor Maki were able to obtain the good man’s technique.

Construction: A technique that uses a large amount of cursed energy to create something out of nothing. Mai uses this technique to create one bullet per day, and when it is triggered, the recoil affects her body.

  • Tools

Revolver: Mai’s main use is a revolver filled with the energy of her curse. Against other sorcerers, she uses it to fire enhanced rubber bullets.

Kokichi Muta
  • Personal Data

He was a second-year at Kyoto Jujutsu High using Ultimate Mechamaru as his proxy to attend school. Kokichi himself could not due to the sickly and fragile body he was born with as a result of his Heavenly Restriction.
Alias: Mechamaru
Age: 17
Born on October 4th

  • Character

Kokichi was withdrawn and resented the fact that he had no future in the world of Jujutsu. He was bold enough to say that he was willing to give back all his cursed energy in order to get a normal body.

Kokichi’s resentment caused him to project himself onto unhappy people. During a goodwill event, Panda said to Mechamaru, “We’re the same cursed corpse, so let’s get along. Shokichi objected to this and thought of Panda as just a doll. This was because the panda lived freely under the sun, while Kokichi was sick under the restrictions.

In front of his classmates, Kokichi acted like a student through Mechamaru, pretending to have a robot-like silent personality. No matter what condition he was in or how he was treated, he wanted to walk with them someday. He was particularly attached to Kasumi Miwa and confessed to having romantic feelings for her.

Kokichi was willing to take an oath with his enemies in order to get a healthy body to realize his dream. He leaked information to and from his enemies, but included in his contract the condition that he would not harm any of his friends in Kyoto. after Kokichi’s body was healed, he attempted to kill Masato and the anthropomorphic Geto. Kokichi fought desperately to achieve his goal, putting everything into planning and determination, but his desperation cost him dearly and he died before he could see his classmates or Kasumi.

  • Ability

Great Tactical Intellect: Kokichi was a tactically gifted fighter who always tried to stay one step ahead of his opponent. In his fight with Panda, Kokichi knew Panda’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as his own, at every stage of the fight. The pseudo-geto also praised Kokichi for his superior tactical abilities in the fight against the true man. Kokichi was well prepared for the fight and his tactics were almost successful in wearing down the True Man, damaging his body and incapacitating his technology.

Immense Cursed Energy: Beyond the limits of curse energy, he is able to use his puppets over a very large area. The energy charge, condensed from years of curse energy, discharges at a momentary but extraordinarily high power level.

Heavenly Restriction: Kokichi was born without a right arm and both legs were useless. He had no feeling from the waist down, his skin was too sensitive to be touched by natural light, and the pores of his body always felt as if they were being pricked with needles. Instead, he was given a vast expanse of endless cursed energy.

Puppet Manipulation: A technology that allows for the remote control of cursed dolls over a wide area. Dolls such as Mechamaru have various abilities, such as releasing the cursed energy as heat rays.

Technique Charge – Simple Domain: The four tubes invented by Kokichi contain the cursed technology, Simplified Realm. The four tubes invented by Kokichi contain a cursed technique called “Simple Domain”. The tubes are placed in a panel and activated by a charge of the technique. From there, Mechamaru can turn his fingers into spikes or shotguns and inject the effects of the Simple Domain into any target Kokichi desires. It can also be used to protect the cockpit from enemy domain expansions.

  • Tools

Communication Puppets: During the Shibuya Incident, Kokichi had small Communication Puppets prepared to guide his sorcerer comrades. These devices were running on the remains of Kokichi’s cursed energy after his death. Once the energy ran out, they deactivated.

Kasumi Miwa
  • Personal Data

She is a second-year at Kyoto Jujutsu High.
Age: 17.
Born on April 4th
Height: 162cm.
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Navy Blue

  • Character

Kasumi is a kind-hearted, hard-working girl who is not tired like the rest of her classmates. She is restrained, down to earth, and behaves like a normal girl. Kasumi wants to become a sorceress to earn money, and is a fan of famous sorcerers like Satoru Gojo. Despite being ordered to do so by the headmaster, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, Kasumi feels uncomfortable about her class’s attempt on Yuji Itadori’s life, and later apologizes for it. Her efforts to succeed in Sorcery are to support her two younger brothers, which shows her compassion and steadfastness.

She always admits that she is useless, and she is seriously afraid that her weakness will cause trouble for those who try to protect her. Kasumi keeps a tight grip on her sword for fear of dying, but is willing to risk her life against a stronger enemy if motivated to do so.

  • Ability

Expert Swordsman: Kasumi uses a katana as her primary weapon. She has learned the art of Iai-nuki, and can also incorporate jujutsu into her swordplay.

Moderate Cursed Energy: Kasumi has no innate skills, but can see curses and use barrier techniques such as Simple Domain. He may also be able to counter curse words by channeling cursed energy into his brain.

New Shadow Style: Simple Domain: creates a circle with a radius of 2.21 meters around Kasumi after she has assumed the correct posture. Anything that enters this space can be instantly intercepted by Kasumi’s sword. This technique is canceled when Kasumi’s legs leave the position she is in.

Batto Sword Drawing: a technique in which Kasumi surrounds her sword with cursed energy while it is in its scabbard and spins it around, creating incredible speed as she draws it. It is the fastest sword drawing technique in the Shinkage school.

Momo Nishimiya
  • Personal Data

She is a third-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High and a semi-grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer.
Age: 18
Born on July 7th
Heigt: 150cm
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

  • Character

Momo is first introduced as a reserved girl who is frightened by the students of the Tokyo Jujutsu High. She believes that in the world of Jujutsu, women are treated unfairly compared to men. This prejudice also affects her own personality, and Momo is very concerned about her “cuteness” and appearance.

She is also quick to follow the idea that Yuji is putting everyone in danger, and is rivaled by Nobara. However, although she has a difficult relationship with her students, she values teamwork and will do her best to help them in times of need.

  • Ability

Tool Manipulation: Momo’s special technique that allows her to telepathically control a broom at will. She can levitate and hit opponents instead of herself. This technique is useful for gathering information, and can also create gusts of powerful, cursed energy.

Wind Scythe: By wielding it while on her broom, she can unleash a powerful gust of cursed energy at her opponent. This long-distance attack is said to be quite powerful, and Momo was surprised when Urameshi defended it with her bare hands.

  • Tools

Straw broom: Momo is holding a straw broom, like those used by witches. It is compatible with cursed techniques and can be manipulated at will.

Aoi Todo
  • Personal Data

He is a third-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High School and a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer.
Age: 18
Born on September 23rd
Height: 190cm
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

  • Character

Aoi is a very eccentric person, and at first glance, he appears to be nothing more than a battle-crazed meathead among his peers. He enjoys posing, showing off his muscles, and the thrill of battle.

When he first met Megumi, he beat her to a pulp for being “boring”. This was because Aoi dislikes boredom and was worried that nothing would happen without Okkotsu’s participation in the final goodwill event.

As a child, Aoi had been extremely strong, and her overwhelming strength compared to her age had made her life mundane. Becoming a jujutsu practitioner relieved that boredom, and Aoi became irritated by people and things that tried to return her to that boring life.

To identify boring people, he asks a rival male magician, “What kind of girl do you like?” He believes that he can tell everything about a person by their taste in women, since the woman who introduced him to the world of jujutsu introduced him to her with the same question. Because of this question, Aoi’s personality towards her fellow sorceresses changes drastically. She doesn’t like Megumi’s reaction and attacks her, and she becomes surprisingly friendly with Yuji when she finds out that they share the same hobby.

When he was mentoring Yuji at the goodwill event, Aoi showed a more intellectual and philosophical side to him. Aoi taught Yuji how to properly focus the energy of the curse by understanding its flow and controlling his emotions. Aoi understands that each of us exists in this world with all of our mind, body, and soul, which normal people take for granted. This philosophy has inspired Yuji to realize some of his potential by making the most of the Black Flash.

When faced with a crisis, Aoi has a reputation for defeating powerful cursed spirits. Against Hanami, he had a confident presence that made Hanami wary of him, even though the energy of the curse was different. He also talks lightly about his activities in Hyakki Yakou.

Among his peers, Aoi is known to be extremely strong, but somewhat irritating due to his eccentric demeanor. In fact, most of his peers seem to dislike Aoi, and most of the students in Tokyo and Kyoto admired Maki for throwing a ball at Aoi’s face in a baseball game.

  • Ability

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aoi prefers close quarters combat above all else, usually overwhelming his opponents with force rather than jujitsu. In a fistfight, he completely outclassed Megumi, outmaneuvering and brutalizing every first-year student. Even his opponent Yuji was overwhelmingly strong at the start of the match. Even as the match progressed and Yuji became more accustomed to Aoi’s moves, he was able to use his combat experience to surprise Yuji and take a step ahead of him.

Aoi typically used a combination of direct and crushing blows, including punches, forearm slaps, stomps, and other brutal attacks. In Hanami, it was mainly effective in combination with cursed techniques.

Great Cursed Energy: Aoi possesses advanced curse energy and understands how to use it well. She can strengthen her punches to the point of obliterating a curse in a single shot, and she can infuse that energy into her curse tools. For defense, Aoi can also apply a coating of cursed energy to her own body to protect herself from attacks. Aoi has a unique technique that can be used repeatedly without draining her energy, and can be used in conjunction with enhanced physical applications.

Despite having never used the Black Flash before the Shibuya Incident, Aoi understands the nature of the cursed energy and is able to manipulate it skillfully. He understands how to spread the cursed energy throughout his body and can freely manipulate it as a weapon in close combat.

Black Flash: A technique that creates a distortion in space when the cursed energy physically hits within 0.000001 seconds. This phenomenon causes the cursed energy to flash black, and the attack is equivalent to 2.5 times the power of a normal attack. The first time Aoi used the Black Flash was when he fought Yuji and Masato in the Shibuya Incident. Currently, he has used it only once.

Showing One’s Cards: A binding oath commonly used among jujutsu practitioners. By revealing the mechanics of one’s cursed technique, one can increase the effectiveness of the technique or mislead one’s opponent.

Boogie Woogie: Aoi’s profound technique allows her to swap the positions of anything with cursed energy within range with a simple clap of her hands. You can also swap your position with another person’s position, or swap two other people’s positions with yours. Clapping is required to activate it, but it is not necessary to clap both hands in particular, and Todo said that he activated Boogie Woogie by clapping Masato’s hand with his own.

Simple Domain: A type of barrier technique that automatically nullifies or cancels all cursed techniques within a certain range. Aoi inherited this technique from Kujukurihama.

  • Tools

Within the scope of her technique, Aoi was able to switch Yuji to summon a special class of cursed tools. He summoned the Playful Cloud. By injecting his own cursed energy, he was able to create enough destructive power to smash through Hanami’s very hard shell.

Noritoshi Kamo
  • Personal Data

He is a third-year at Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College.
Age: 18
Born on June 5th
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray

  • Character

Noritoshi is usually very calm and stoic, even in front of his allies and rivals. He is a senior and a leader to his fellow Kyoto schoolmates except for Aoi. He also feels a kinship with those who come from a sorcerer’s family like Megumi. His loyalty to the sorcerer family distorts his feelings toward others.
Noritoshi has aggressively treated Mai, who has not inherited the Ten Shadows Technique, as if she is beneath him. He also talks to Megumi in a friendly manner, despite the fact that she is not related to the Zenin family. Noritoshi also feels that Yuji Itadori is a threat and must be eliminated.

The current heir to the Kamo family was born from the mistress of the current head of the family, since his regular wife could not bear a son with the ability to control blood. Noritoshi accepted the responsibility of being the heir to the Kamo family head in order to protect his mother. Because of this pressure, he embodied all the distorted values of the Kamo family, not thinking for himself, but often forced to do so for his mother’s sake.

Noritoshi became a jujutsu practitioner because his mother believed in his potential to help others. When he met Yuji, he was able to remember that Yuji had become a magician for the same reason. One day, I want to become a great sorcerer and meet my mother again.

  • Ability

High Tactical Intellect. Noritoshi had organized an all-out assault on Yuji’s life. Had it not been for Aoi’s interference, the sudden ambush might have been effective. When they were forced to retreat, Kamo ordered his comrades to secure Momo, the center of their intelligence gathering. In the battle against Megumi, Noritoshi closed the distance by blocking Megumi’s view and went into a direct confrontation with the shikigami user. In the fight against Hanami, Noritoshi thought the best course of action was to use his cursed technique to stall Hanami and exploit her weaknesses.

High Cursed Energy: Noritoshi has proven himself to be at least close to a grade one cursed power. He can perform several blood manipulation techniques, one after the other, without losing their effectiveness. This is due to his delicate control of the curse energy, and he can also manipulate the curse energy around his brain to block the curse words if necessary.

Blood Manipulation: This is a valuable spell passed down in the Kamo family. Highly regarded for its balanced abilities, it allows one to control all aspects of blood. By dipping an arrow into the blood, one can control the arrow after it is fired, defying physics. There are various other derived techniques that provide a variety of offensive power.

Flowing Red Scale: Increases body temperature, pulse, and red blood cell count, greatly increasing energy and physical capabilities.

Crimson Binding: Transforms blood into an extensive net, holding the target firmly in place.

Slicing Exorcism: Rotates a ring of blood at high speed to create a blade-like object.

Convergencen: Compresses and condenses the blood to the extreme.

Piercing Blood: Fires a beam of blood that penetrates flesh.

  • Tools

Arrows: Noritoshi goes to the battlefield with a bow and several arrows. The tips of the arrows are dipped in Noritoshi’s blood, and after releasing the arrows from the bow, Noritoshi is able to control the trajectory of the arrows with his inherited skills.

Satoru Gojo
  • Personal Data

He is a special grade jujutsu sorcerer and a teacher at the Tokyo Jujutsu High.
Age: 28
Born on December 7th
Height: 190cm
Hair Color: White
Eye color: Light Blue

  • Character

Satoru has a complex personality. Normally he treats his students, colleagues, and friends with a level-headed attitude. However, he is cold-hearted and cruel to the sorcerer’s cadres, and an example of this is his blatant insults to the head of the academy and his enemies.

Satoru is so confident in his abilities and reputation that he believes himself to be invincible. When it comes to others, he only judges their strength and is indifferent to those who are weak. Furthermore, he is very arrogant, greatly influenced by his own desire for power. He is convinced that he is the strongest person in the world, and indeed he is, but during his battle with Toji Fushiguro, he insists that he is the only one who is honorable, that he is the only one who is useless in heaven and earth. This is evidenced by his genuine sympathy when it comes to protecting Riko Tannai, one of the few “weaklings” in his life. However, his sympathy for her death is quickly negated by his immense pride and arrogance after he completes the reverse jutsu in the next battle against Fushiguro Toji.

In fierce battles, his obsession with victory and proving that he alone is the strongest of them all can sometimes lead him into a frenzy. Satoru’s fighting style is characterized by aggressive and intimidating attacks, and he shows off the techniques he has mastered to his opponents. He can also act cold-heartedly when the situation calls for it. When he decides that sacrifices are unavoidable, he will prioritize the destruction of his enemies over saving innocent people. However, this is only for those who have been killed by the other side, and he will not leave after-effects on innocent people or kill them in order to gain an advantage.

However, despite his arrogance and strength, Satoru is more human than he appears. After Satoru defeated Toji, he collected Riko’s body with a sad expression on his face. He tried to kill the religious people on the planet who were laughing at Riko’s death, but was stopped by Suguru Geto, who was Satoru’s confidant at the time, and did not act. Furthermore, Satoru is shocked and panicked when he learns that his only close friend, Suguru, has become a user of the murderous curse. Satoru tried to convince his friend, but in the end, he realized and accepted that he had lost an equal. Satoru put an end to Suguru before the catastrophe occurred, and the trauma of losing his best friend led to his demise in Shibuya. He was also distraught when Yuji appeared to be dead.

Satoru’s goal is to reform the Jujutsu world from the bottom up through education. Satoru’s goal is to raise the bottom of the jujutsu world through education, and to raise a new generation of magicians who can compete on equal terms with him.

  • Ability

Immense Cursed Energy: Satoru Gojo is known as the most powerful sorcerer in the jujutsu world. He is nicknamed this because of the enormous amount of cursed energy he possesses; Gojo’s cursed energy is so vast that he can use Domain Expansion multiple times a day. In contrast, most Sorcerers can only use it once.
He has excellent control over his curse energy, and can activate Domains in an instant, reverse curse feats, or combine positive and negative curse energy. Gojo is also known for having two abilities, and for the first time in 400 years, Six Eyes and the Gojo family He possesses both Limitless curse techniques.

Reverse Cursed Technique: Gojo is one of the few sorcerers who can use reverse jujutsu to heal himself. He perfected this technique on his deathbed after his first battle with Toji Fushikuro. With this technique, he can not only heal himself, but also channel positive energy into Infinity, allowing him to attack Red and Hollow Purple. Healing others, however, is not currently within Gojyo’s scope, and can only be done by a few, such as Sukuna and Shoko. However, Gojo is the only one who can reverse the energy of the curse and undo the effects of existing cursed techniques, which balances out his inability to heal others.

Black Flash:. This is a technique that causes spatial distortion when affected by cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical attack. This phenomenon causes the power of the curse to flash black, allowing the attack to be 2.5 times more powerful than a normal attack. It is currently unknown how many times Gojo has performed Black Flash.

Limitless: This is a technique passed down in the Gojo family. This is a technique passed down in the Gojo family, and is basically unlimited. By manipulating the energy of the curse on an atomic level, it allows for absolute control over space, resulting in multiple results and techniques within the overall ability. Beyond the basic manipulation of space, there are three standard forms and one “non-standard” form.

Infinity: Infinity, the neutral form of Limitless, is commonly known as the “stopping” ability, but this is a misconception; Infinity’s real power is “slowing”. Whenever something tries to bump into Satoru, that person or thing will bump into the Infinity that is between them. According to Satoru, this is the convergence of the infinite series, and comes from the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise. Just as Achilles cannot catch the turtle because there is an infinite finite space between them, and the real number 1 cannot touch the real number 2 because there is an infinite fraction between them, so the opponent cannot touch Satoru because there is an infinite between them. Satoru can decide what can and cannot touch him based on his assessment of mass, speed, and danger.

Cursed Technique Lapse; Blue: An enhanced neutral Limitless, a by-product of Gojo’s amplification of Limitless and negative energy into a vacuum. This allows Gojo to create a scenario in which the world itself is modified to fill the negative space, and all matter within the commanded space is attracted to it.

Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output; Blue: Satoru can create a center of gravity in a specific space, attracting all matter to it and effortlessly shattering it like a black hole. He can also move the center of gravity freely, which greatly increases its destructive power.
Cursed Technique Reversal; Red: Red, the reversal technique of Blue, has the opposite effect. Using a reversal technique that reverses the nature of blue, Satoru activates infinite emanation, generating an extremely powerful repulsive force that repels the surrounding matter. Powered by the energy of the positive curse, this ability was formed as a reverse curse technique, and thus has twice the destructive power of the blue.

Hollow Technique; Purple: A non-standard technique of Limitless, known only to a limited number of people in the Gojyo family, with more destructive power than the two standard techniques. By snapping his fingers in combination with blue (attraction) and red (repulsion), he creates a long-range singularity that combines the effects of both, instantly obliterating the surrounding matter.

Curtains: Allows you to create a barrier that surrounds a certain area. It can prevent others or certain people from entering.

Unlimited Void: Domain extension of Gojo. It creates a metaphysical space that allows the victim to receive all kinds of stimuli and information without limit, suppressing thought processes and behavior. Gojo’s control is so precise that it can only be activated for 0.2 seconds and has limited effect on those trapped.

Six Eyes: Not much is known about “v”, but it is known to play some role in the accurate use of Limitless. Like Limitless, Six Eyes is said to be an inherent technology of the Gojo family.
Yuta says that Six Eyes allows Satoru to reduce the consumption of curse energy by activating the technique to as close to zero as possible, and as a result, he never runs out of curse energy in a fight. It is unclear whether this is a cost of the technique or a reduction in unnecessary losses for efficiency. The expression “maximum output of cursed energy” seems to imply the latter.

As an effect of the Sixth Eye, it is strongly implied that it is possible to perceive the world in terms of mass, velocity, and energy.

Kento Nanami
  • Personal Data

He was a graduate of Tokyo Jujutsu High School, and was a lower classmate of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. He had become an office worker after graduation, but returned four years later to continue his activities as a sorcerer.
His rank as a sorcerer at Jujutsu High was first class, and he was mainly active at the Tokyo campus. Through Satoru’s introduction, he also became a good friend of Yuji Itadori.
Alias: Nanamin
Age: 27
Born on July 3rd
Height: 184cm
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Brown

  • Character

Nanami is a very wise and reserved person, often calm and unassuming to the point of seeming stoic and aloof. At first glance, he appears to be working diligently, but Nanami uses sentimentality and service very well. In most conversations, he is articulate and uninterested in unrealistic optimism or questions that are open to interpretation.

In addition, Nanami is very enthusiastic and quick to express his frustration through his face and words. Nanami is often very impatient. He does not like to work overtime and takes it very seriously to make sure that he does not exceed what is requested of him by even a minute.

Behind his tough exterior, Nanami is actually very sociable and does not mind intelligent conversation. He is also very practical and serious, which sometimes makes him laugh. He says that he became a jujutsu practitioner because it is a little less silly than being a businessman. Nanami is one of Yuji’s mentors, and is a contrast to Satoru. Yuji and Satoru describe Nanami as “dark,” and even Yuji didn’t think they would get along at first.

Nanami is just an ordinary guy who is busy with his daily life, deprived of his youth. Nanami does not believe that age or life-threatening experiences are the catalyst for becoming an adult. Nanami does not believe that age or life-threatening experiences are what make you mature, but rather the accumulation of small inconveniences in your life that make you mature. At first, she treats Yuji like a child because he did not want to see him throw away his youth to become a jiu-jitsu practitioner. However, Yuji eventually proved his strength and got Nanami to accept him.

Nanami knows that being a Jujutsu practitioner is a dangerous and demanding job for a crazy person, so he has a hard time respecting people in that profession. Despite the fact that Nanami and Satoru have been friends for many years and trust each other, he says that he does not respect Satoru. He went back to being a sorcerer from his life as an office worker because he didn’t feel that his work had a significant impact on anyone, and he had never been truly appreciated. In contrast, his work as a sorcerer allowed him to gradually accumulate gratitude from unrelated people. That was more than enough for Nanami to lead a life without regrets.

Nanami had a similar personality during his time at Jujutsu High School, but he was naturally less mature. He felt that his duties were a burden, but the optimistic nature of his classmate, Haibara, made up for his negativity. Haibara’s death had a profound effect on Nanami and probably played a part in Nanami’s decision to leave his life as a jujutsu practitioner in the first place. One of the reasons he considers jujutsu practitioners to be trash is because they have to convince their peers to accept their sacrifice. He recognizes that this has led him to “run away” from his profession, which he admits is a more appropriate description than suggesting that he “quit. Nanami would like to believe that he has never complained about being useless, but he can’t stop thinking about his mistakes, such as letting Haibara die.

  • Ability

Master Swordsman: Nanami fights primarily with blunt weapons, but his skill is astounding. Combined with his cursed skills, Nanami is able to cut through anything and everything, even those who are defending themselves with his cursed energy. His sword movements are graceful and balanced, and each swing is extremely fast and precise.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He is very capable in armed as well as unarmed combat. His natural technique is equally useful with fists and blunt weapons. Nanami easily subdued Shigemo, a user of curses, with this method. Each blow from Nanami was incredibly destructive, and with just a backhand, Shigemo was scattered across the room. If not for the cursed technique, Shigemo would have been dead.

Great Tactical Intellect: Other than the cursed technique, Nanami’s greatest weapon was her keen fighting spirit and reasoning ability. Despite being outmatched by the energy of the curse, Nanami survived both times, overwhelming Mahito time and again with her quick thinking and skillful execution.

Enhanced Durability: Nanami possesses incredible durability for a human. As mentioned earlier, she continued to fight even after being touched by Mahito’s “Idol Transfiguration” and eventually escaped with her life and body intact. However, Nanami was unharmed even after being slashed, and was not even slightly injured by the curse user’s kick. Shigemo compared Nanami to a stone wall and said that it felt as if he had not hit anyone. Nanami was also able to survive an endless school of man-eating fish shikigami for more than a minute, and was attacked by Jogo shortly thereafter. Miraculously, he was able to survive both and even continue to fight, unlike Maki and Naoto who were completely incapacitated and dying.

Superior Precision & Technique: Nanao is a very technical fighter who uses all of his moves to exploit his opponent’s openings. His aim is always extremely precise, and he never misses a weakness in his target when it is exposed by his cursed technique. Against strong opponents, he will break them down, create weaknesses, and keep fighting until they fall. Nanami’s accuracy also allows him to cleverly evade his opponent’s attacks. For example, he was able to avoid Mahito’s shooting attacks by thrusting his sword into the wall and raising his legs high.
Great Cursed Energy: Nanami possesses an astounding level of cursed energy for a jujutsu practitioner. Even when he uses his innate techniques while augmenting her body with cursed energy, there is no sign of a shortage. His ability to control the curse energy is also evident in his ability to impose a “binding oath” on himself and limit it for a certain amount of time. Even after being hurt by Mahito, Nanami’s curse energy went so far as to intimidate and excite the special class. Against Mahito’s idle transfiguration, Nanami unconsciously guarded his soul with his curse energy and survived the initial impact of her opponent’s innate technique.
Nohara and Shigemo immediately felt Nanami’s presence as he took over the fight. Shigemo tried to slash Nanami, but since he had already strengthened his body with the cursed energy, he was able to avoid being slashed. It was so simple that Shigemo did not know what had happened.

Black Flash: It is a technique that causes spatial distortion when a person receives a shock of cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical attack. The cursed energy flashes black, a phenomenon that gives the attack power equivalent to 2.5 squared of the normal number of hits. Before Yuji’s fight with Hanami, Kento Nanami was the record holder for the number of times he used “Black Flash” in a row. He says that he was lucky.

Overtime: Nanami’s specialty is his “bond oath” with himself. He restricts the use of cursed energy while working at the High School of Sorcery. When she starts working overtime beyond her normal working hours, Nanami’s curse energy expands greatly and her combat power increases.

During normal working hours, the curse energy is kept at about 80-90%. When the overtime is activated, it will show 110-120% of its maximum power. Note that Nanami can break her oath and use 100% of her curse energy at any time, but in that case, using Overtime will only increase it by 1%.

Revealing One’s Hand: A binding oath commonly used by many jujutsu practitioners. By revealing the mechanics of the cursed technique, Nanami can maximize the energy of the curse in her next attack.

Ratio Technique: A unique technique of Nanami’s that can divide a target into ten lines and force it to create a weakness in a ratio of 7 to 3. The lines on the subject do not have to match the length of the subject or the width of the wings. Nanami can freely choose which part of the body to divide, such as the subject, head, torso, arms, or legs. This technique can also be applied to non-living objects.

Collapse: An extension technique that creates a weakness in the surrounding environment and destroys it with a single blow. Nanami used this technique after he had unleashed both of his Oaths of Binding to destroy the underground tunnel and trap Masato.

  • Tools

Dull sword: Nanami mainly goes into battle with a dull sword wrapped in a cloth with black dots scattered on it. The blade is short and the hilt is made of wood. Nanami’s necktie also has the same dot pattern on it, and is sometimes wrapped around his fist. The reason he wears it around his fist is to use both of them to activate his unique techniques and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses.