All about “Big News” MORGANS. Why is he always in his human form?


Morgans is a journalist who appears in the ONEPIECE.



He is the president of a major newspaper, World Economy News Paper. He has considerable “information power” not only in the surface world but also in the underworld. His information power is so great that Big Mom, the Fourth Emperor, who has been investigating Sanji’s past, is impressed with his information power. Because of his connections to the underworld, he is considered a major player in the underworld, even though he is only an honest president.

He is a master of the Zoan-type devil fruit “Tori tori no Mi Model ‘Albatross'”.
For unknown reasons, he is always in his “human-animal” form.

・Real name: Morgans
・Alias: The King of Newspapers (Big News)
・Age: 53 years old
・Height: 305 cm
・Title: President of World Economy News Paper
・Demon fruit: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Albatross, a Zoan-type Devil Fruit
・Birthplace: The Grand Line
・Birthday: July 14 (Newspaper Delivery Day)
・Zodiac Sign: Cagittarius
・Blood type: XF
・Favorite food: Popcorn
・Quip: Big news!
・Laughs: Kwahahahaha
・CV: Yasuyuki Kase
・First appearance: Book 86, Episode 860, “10:00 Start of Show




Information gathering


While ruminating on anecdotes related to the person’s background and hometown, he also has a strong impression of trying to determine others with his own eyes, partly due to his strong curiosity. If the subject is likely to cause an interesting incident that will lead to “big news,” he will follow the movements of that person without regard for appearances.
Perhaps because his interest has a high priority, for better or worse, he has little sense of ethics. In concrete terms, even when he sees the scene of Big Mumm’s murder, he is not overly concerned about it, thinking it was a rare sight. This stance remains largely unchanged even when disaster befalls him, and he was once seen in an extremely insane manner, taking pictures without even realizing that he was in danger of death.




As a newspaperman, he does not like to keep information to himself. His courage is so great that he proudly publishes articles that undermine her on the front page without fear of sanctions from the Four Emperors Big Mum.
He has a high opinion of the worst generation, which has caused several major incidents, and foresees that “a pirate king will emerge from among them” (this high personal evaluation is one of the reasons why he published an article undermining Big Mumm).




He is a man who is a true guru of a bunya (a man who takes no risks for the sake of a scoop), but as mentioned above, he is not a true human being.
He does not have the journalistic spirit of “telling the truth to the world without yielding to authority,” but he also has a unique sense of balance in that he never engages in black journalism, such as writing lies and slanderous statements that have no basis in reality in order to gain circulation. He is a DJ of the printed word who, if he finds something interesting, writes about it as it is and makes the world more lively.
Although extreme, he is the embodiment of the existence of “newspapers” in that he does not lie by not publishing all the facts.





He knows the identity of the queen of the pleasure quarters, but he is so trusted by the world government that he has not been erased, and his influence as the president of a major global newspaper is highly valued.
He is very quick to act to keep the scoop, and when Mondor takes his eyes off him, he makes his escape from all countries, taking pictures of the royal family on their way to Marie-Joa a few days after he published an article about the incident in Mam’s Navarre.



from One Piece Anime

Think Twice before you step up to Big News Morgans

Attach he had hired turned out to be Cipherpole in disguise. He is asked to cover up an unfavorable article by the government, and is in desperate straits ……, from which he beats up an opponent with a pistol with his bare hands.
Although the affiliation number of the Cipher Pol who confronted him has not been revealed, it is clear that Morgans himself has some strength, since all the members other than 9 and 0 must have a certain level of fighting ability.
It is not surprising that he is a target of both the pirates and the government, given his position. He is always in his man-beast form, which means that his true face is not revealed, and it is easy for him to escape.




Invited as a guest to the tea party and wedding of Sanji and Charlotte Pudding hosted by Charlotte Linlin. He was the first to mention that Big Mom had obtained the undersea treasure, the Tamatebako, and Big Mom praised him for his quick hearing.
At the tea party, he was seen chatting with Vinsmoke Judge, the chieftain of Germa 66, the model for the tale of the sea, and when Judge was captured by Perospello , he was so excited by the unexpected scoop that he took a picture of Judge’s crying face.


Whole Cake Island Arc


When Monkey D. Luffy, who had formed an alliance with Capone Bedge, intervened, he was quick to realize that it was Luffy, even though he was an outsider. He also took pictures of big news such as Big Mom’s soul baucus and Jinbe’s joining of the straw men’s group.
After Linlin’s madness causes a panic at the tea party, he tries to report on the contents of the jade box in the midst of the chaos, and is there when Stacey shoots and kills Le Feld. Since she was an old acquaintance of Le Feld’s, they reached an agreement to make the story about Le Feld’s involvement in the seizure of the treasure chest, but the treasure chest fell to the ground at the foot of the castle. The impact caused a huge explosion. (At that time, he had no way to escape the collapsing castle because he could not fly, but he forgot about it and was taking pictures of the collapse until Stussy pointed it out to him.)

He survived the fall because the castle was turned into cake by Streusen. He went to the side of Charlotte Mondor, who was in command of the engagement between Luffy Vedge’s group and Big Mom’s family members, and enjoyed their hijinks through telegrams and other means.
She then fled when Mondor took his eyes off her. Mondor instructed his men to catch him, saying that the information would leak out of the country, but he succeeded in escaping in a flying boat with several birds.
In the meantime, he gives his own prediction to Stussy about the future of the worst generation, etc., saying that a pirate king will be born from among the worst generation.

In his own newspaper, he describes the commotion, although he hides some information.
He listed the Straw Hat crew as the main culprits (the Taiyou pirates, the Fire Tank pirates, and Germa 66 were treated as affiliates), and reported the results of the war in a big way. The details are described later in the aftermath.


The World Conference


The kings of the member countries of the World Government who will participate in the World Conference are photographed at Red Port, the port to Marie-Joa on the side of the Great Passage.
In addition to admiring Shirahoshi’s beauty, he was interested in the Kingdom of Goa, which has produced the likes of Dragon, Sabo, Fire Fist, and Strawberry, and its king, Sterry.


Wanokuni Arc


After the dissolution of the World Congress, he was eager to print articles carrying “obituaries,” “serious proposals,” and “attempted murder” at the head office. Despite receiving orders from the World Government to manipulate information and interference from the CP, he overpowered them by force of arms and successfully published the newspaper after the mobile headquarters was taken offline.
His announcement of the death of a certain person (whose authenticity is unknown) and the abolition of the Shichibukai system stunned people all over the world.




In the movie “Stampede,” the “Pirate Expo” by Buena Festa was broadcast live by a video telegraph bug. The film was a frenzy of news reports that came in one after the other.


Aside from the above, I would like to add


Can’t fly?

When Morgans was caught in the collapse of Whole Cake Island and thrown into the air, Stacey pointed out, “Yeah! I can’t fly! He was clearly impatient. He never attempted to fly by himself until the very end, and when he left the remains of Whole Cake Island, he returned home in a balloon.

However, it was later revealed that Morgans is an “albatross,” or albatross modeled after an albatross, which is an animal-based ability.
Therefore, his statement is open to multiple interpretations, and his true intentions are currently unknown.

Possibilities are.

  1. “Yes! I can’t fly!

Although he has the ability to fly, for some reason, he does not really have the ability to fly. Or, he has not studied hard enough as a pilot, or has injured his arm (wing) in the past, or for some other reason, he cannot fly (at least not at present).

  1. “Yes! I can’t fly (in my current form)!

For whatever reason, Morgans have always acted in their human-animal form, and cannot fly, at least not in their human-animal form (would flight itself be possible if they were in beast form?)

  1. “Yes! I can’t fly!

Since albatrosses originally need to run a long distance to prepare for flight, they have already been thrown into the air and are unable to fly even if they become animal-form.

It seems to be one of the above.

Incidentally, as mentioned above, he beat up Cipher Pol. However, even though his arm was transformed, it seems that he beat him with an iron fist, making a fist with his “wing,” an extremely delicate organ normally used for flight.
From this point of view, the wings of the model albatross may not be suitable for flight, as they are close to the structure of a human hand, at least in the case of taking the human-animal form.


Straw Pirates vs. Big Mum Pirates


After the uproar in Manykoku was over, Morgans published an article in the paper, which treated the collaborators as part of the Straw Hat gang and largely omitted details of the battle and their sacrifices.

The article was in fact a victory for the Straw Hat gang, which had dropped two generals and inflicted heavy damage on the Big Mam pirates, but it was heavily in Luffy’s favor (which naturally infuriated Rinlin), and since his subordinates had been reporting under Luffy’s umbrella at some point, the article was written as “a victory for the Straw Hat gang,” including that point and the aforementioned achievements. He also reported that “Monkey D. Luffy, who now has a large organization with his own subsidiaries, is the fifth emperor of the sea,” including that point and the aforementioned achievements.


Why Morgans are always in human form?


The fact that Morgans is a “Toritori no Mi” (bird man) rather than a “Tori-jin-zoku” (bird tribe) means that he is always in his “man-beast” form.

Is there any reason for this?
Let me give you some reasons.

Because he simply loves the way he looks.
He is the boss of the News Cou, which distributes newspapers.
To hide his face from the public when he is in humanoid form.

All of these seem to apply, but the last reason in particular may be important in terms of protecting himself.

Not long ago, Morgans drew Mam’s ire by writing an article about Luffy’s substantial victory over Mam.

As a newspaperman, he may often bear a grudge.
That may be one of the reasons why he always hides his humanoid form.
In case of an emergency, he may take on human or animal form in order to disappear…