BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS all the ending songs with full music video!

Here is the list for all the ending songs for BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS with full music video! Enjoy them!

“Dreamy Journey” by The Peggies (Episode 1-13)

“Sayonara Moon Town” by Scenarioart (Episode 14-26)

“Boku wa Hashiri Tsuzukeru” by Melofloat (Episode 27-39)

“Denshin Tamashii” by Game jikkyosha band (Episode 40-51)

“Ka Cho Fu Getsu” by Koala Mode (Episode 52-63)

“Laika” by Bird Bear Hare and Fish (Episode 64-75)

“Polaris” by HITORIE (Episode 76-87)

“Tsuyogari Loser” by ReaL

“Ride or die” by SKY PEACE (Episode 101-113)

“Mikansei na hikari tachi” by Haruka Fukuhara (Episode 114-126)

“Wish on” by LONGMAN (Episode 127-138)

“Fireworks” by FlowBack (Episode 139-150)

“Maybe I” by Seven Billion Dots (Episode 151-167)

“Central” by Ami Sakaguchi (Episode 168-180)

“Answers” by mol-74 (Episode 181-)

Boruto Endings 1-15



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