Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Outline Released!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 will air next Sunday, 29th August!

Outline of the next episode of the Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Episode 21!! (From Official Website:

Baji, who had infiltrated Valhalla, hunts down Kisaki in a fierce struggle, but suddenly vomits blood and collapses to his knees. Seeing this, Mikey instantly wants to kill Hanma and tries to beat Kazutora to death without mercy. The scene unfolded just as Takemichi had heard from Doraken, who was on death row in the future. If things continue as they are, Mikey will kill Kazitora, and the tragic future will come when To-Man will be taken over by Kisaki. Takemichi tried to stop this from happening, but Mikey’s anger was so great …….