The Writer of Inuyasha: Rumiko Takahashi Opened Official Twitter!

The official Twitter account for Rumiko Takahashi, the manga artist known for “Ranma 1/2,” “Urusei Yatsura,” “Inuyasha,” and other works, was opened on June 1, 2021. An illustration of Takahashi herself and a message with her signature were also posted on the account.
Takahashi is a female manga artist. Her published works have been made into anime one after another, such as “Ranma 1/2”, “Urusei Yatsura”, “Maison Ikkoku”, “Inuyasha”, and “Rin-ne”, and she is preparing to broadcast “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Chapter 2” in the fall of 2021.

On June 1, an account named “Rumiko Takahashi Information(@rumicworld1010)” was established on Twitter. In the first tweet, along with an illustration of Ram from “Urusei Yatsura” and her own signature, she wrote, “The editor in charge opened an official Twitter account on behalf of me, who is weak on the Internet. He said he would announce various information here. Please feel free to come and check it out.”

Check her Twitter!