Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Outline Released!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 will air next Sunday, 18th July!

Outline of the next episode of the Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Episode 15!!

Takemichi is asked by Mikey to bring back Keisuke Baji, the former First Division Captain, who left Tokyo Manji Gang and joined Valhalla. He promises Mikey that if he succeeds, he will be able to get rid of Kisaki from HIgashi Manji, but he is threatened with death if he fails. In order to get in touch with Valhalla, Yamagishi, who knows a lot about delinquents, gives him a lecture on the inner workings of Valhalla, when Kazutora Hanemiya, the No. 3 of Valhalla, appears.