Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 Outline Released!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 will air next Sunday, 1st August!

Outline of the next episode of the Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Episode 17!! (From Official Website: )

Takemichi hears about the past of Baji and Kazutora, and realizes how difficult it will be to bring Baji back to Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang). The next day, Takemichi is at his wits end because he can’t seem to fulfill his promise to Mikey, when Matsuno Chifuyu, who is the vice captain of the 1st Squad under Baji, appears. Chifuyu believed that Baji had joined Valhalla not to destroy Toman, but to infiltrate Valhalla and grab the tail of Kisaki who was working in the dark.