All about Yamato! (from ONE PIECE)


The biological son of the “Four Emperors,” Kaidou the Hundred Beasts.
Because of his position, his superior fighting ability, and his personality, which will be explained later, he is treated in a very unique way in the Hundred Beasts Pirates.
He also has a strong interest in adventure, having been exposed to the life of a certain person and the journal left behind by that person.


Real name: Yamato
Self-proclaimed: “Kouzuki Oden
Family: Kaido (father)
Age: 28 years old
Height: 263 cm (from 2(ni) Luffy (63), but see also the connection with the Battleship Yamato below)
devil’s fruit: , Inu Inu no Mi, modeled after “Okuchi no Makami” (Animal Mythical Zoan-type)
Haki: Haoshoku, Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: November 3 (same as the birthday of the SBS contributor)
Constellation: Scorpius
Blood type: F
Favorite food: Oden, salmon (raw or bitten into whole)
Weapon: Golden club “Takeru”
First appearance: in book 97 (coincidentally, his father’s first appearance was in book 79) Episode 983 “Thunderbolt
CV: Saori Hayami




She wears a Hannya mask with messy hair and a beard, and her long Zanbara hair flutters in the air, reminding one of Yasha. Her hair color is unusual, gradating from silver to emerald green to light blue as it moves toward the ends. Although the hair color is different, the shape of the hair ends is the same as that of Kaidou’s, showing a strong blood connection.
The most distinctive feature of his hair are the two red horns that grow from his temples (the closer to the hairline, the paler the color becomes), which bear a striking resemblance to the horns of Black Maria, one of the top leaders of the group.

He wears a kimono with crests on both chests, a hakama, and a sash around his waist that looks like a Nioh-dasuki. He also wears shackles with broken chains around his wrists, which, like Sanji’s ring in the Kingdom of Germa and Luffy’s collar when they wrestled as prisoners, are said to have a mechanism that explodes when he tries to escape or remove them.

Although she is not as tall as her father, who is over 7 meters tall, she is still nearly 3 meters tall, making her quite tall and beautiful compared to Luffy. Her silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of Kougetsu Oden before his death, and she carries a gold club (though it is slimmer and has more rounded spikes than her father’s) as her favorite weapon.


His first name is “Boku”(which is used mainly by men) and his tone is boyish and gentle, but in reality he is not a “son” but a “daughter.

He (or she) witnessed the public execution of Mitsutsuki Oden 20 years before the main story, and was so impressed by his brilliant end that he (or she) has since come to admire Oden. He (or she) was so impressed by his (or her) magnificent death that he (or she) began to yearn for Oden afterwards, and thus began to call himself “Kouzuki Oden” and to live as a man. However, she is not necessarily transsexual, as she “only lives as a man because she admires Oden.

Even after he took off his mask and tore off his sleeves to reveal his feminine appearance, he still expresses himself to Luffy as “I” and “son,” and his father Kaidou and the Hundred Beasts Pirates treat him as “Kaidou’s son” (although it is still unclear whether they have taken his will or lost heart, or for some other reason). It seems to be a well-known fact that he (she) is treated as a man even though she (he) is a woman.


She is bright, straightforward, and has a strong sense of justice, and it is hard to believe that she was born from that father.
Although she is a ……, she is not mature as a human being, and her immaturity is noticeable. In particular, due to his father’s oppression and his longing for an ideal way of life (see his feelings for Oden and his feelings for Kaido in the “Relationships” section), he has a very strong desire to “be like this,” and sometimes tries to push through his own arguments selflessly and even with force, without deep consideration of others’ understanding. He is also a selfless person who tries to push his own ideas with force, without thinking deeply about the understanding of others. Yes, it is. I am no longer a captive! I am Oden!

Naturally, the listeners did not share these thoughts, and in many cases, coupled with Yamato’s inadequate words, his assertions were never properly conveyed. This not only provoked mere quarrels and confusion on the part of the other party, but also caused them to run away from the very being they were supposed to be helping.


Feelings for Oden

As he says himself, “I became a man because I admired Oden,” his respect for Oden can be seen everywhere, and he even says to Luffy, “You may be more ‘Oden-like’ than me. In this way, “Kougetsu Oden” is a symbolic existence and a symbolic word for him (or her) that encapsulates “correctness,” “freedom,” “belief,” “cheerful and pleasant personality,” “strength,” and “charisma” in a single word.

After getting hold of Oden’s logbook, he has been harboring a similar romantic interest in the sea, and the reason he knew Luffy’s information was because he was hoping that “you, Ace’s brother, would take me on your ship.

His feelings for Momonosuke
She was surprised when she learned that Momonosuke, whom she thought was dead, was alive, and after Luffy put her in charge, she tried to save Momonosuke, though she was nervous and excited in her own way. I would die for you! and “It’s you who will lead the world to the dawn! He seems to know something about Momonosuke.

Feelings for Kaidou

On the other hand, he has a grudge against his father, Kaidou, whom he called “father” when he was a child and missed to a certain extent, but since Oden’s execution, he hates him as the one who drove Oden, whom he admired, to death, and even holds a grudge against him for oppressing him in every possible way. However, he was partly spoiled by his father and thought that the exploding handcuffs were a threat and that even Kaidou would not kill his own daughter, but after learning that the handcuffs actually explode, he realizes that it was no threat and despairs.
When his father named him as the new general of “Onigashima,” a new name for Wanokuni, he called him a “shit old man” and a “cow gorilla.
For Yamato, there is no drawback in antagonizing Kaidou, and he even says, “I don’t care if my father is dead.

Acquaintance with Ace

He met Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s brother-in-law, four years ago on Onigashima. Ace had come to the island to retrieve the children of Wanokuni and avenge Kaidou, and Yamato, who had remained on the island, engaged him in battle.
Later, since Kaidoh was away, the two men shared a drink on Onigashima and became friends. Yamato was unable to leave Onigashima because he was in exploding handcuffs at the time, but when they parted, he made Ace’s Bible card and promised to meet her again.

Combat Capabilities

Demon Fruit

Inu Inu no Mi, a devil fruit, modeled after “Okuchi no Makami” (Animal Mythical Zoan-type)
Can transform into a divine wolf
Can manipulate ice and cold air
According to Kaidou, this devil fruit was not intended to be eaten, and Yamato himself ate it because he was hungry without knowing that it was a devil fruit.

She was thought to be an “animal” like her father and the others. She was formally revealed to be a gifted animal at the end of episode 1019, where she showed off her human-animal form.

Basic Combat

She is a female warrior who fights with a metal club called “Takeru,” and is described as “formidable” by Black Maria. He easily outperformed Luffy’s “Gear 3,” and in the past, he even went toe-to-toe with superhuman and natural types, including an all-night battle with Portgas D. Ace.
This is probably due in part to his inborn talent as Kaidou’s own son and heir to the Four Emperors’ bloodline, but more than that, it is due to the fact that he has been trained in the following exceptional and top-notch environment.


At the age of eight, he has awakened Haoshoku haki, albeit unconsciously, and has now mastered Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku.
He is also depicted as launching shockwaves from his club, but at this point it has not been stated whether he “puts his haki into the technique of launching shockwaves” or whether it is a technique to launch haki itself.


Thunder Bagua

This is a technique in which a golden bat is swung like the swing of a baseball bat, striking the opponent as hard as possible. With the same technique as his father Kaidoh, he knocked Leonti, who had transformed into a dinosaur form, unconscious with a single blow, but when she revived shortly afterward, she told him, “That’s just a ‘thundering four trigrams’! (Although she said so, she vomited blood immediately afterward, but there is certainly a reasonable difference in power compared to Kaidou’s.)


A technique in which a golden rod is filled with haki and a shockwave is released. Yamato, who was falling underground, used this technique while escaping in an attempt to save at least Hachicha. Despite being in an unstable position while falling, the impact reached Hachicha’s jaw and brain, and the badly damaged Hachicha passed out with smoke coming out of the top of his head and mouth.

Namuji Hyoga 

An ice breath unleashed by a human-beast form. It cancelled out Kaidoh’s “bolo breath,” which was powerful enough to change the terrain.


A defensive technique in which a shell of ice is wrapped around the victim to prevent attacks. Although it did not completely protect him, and he was wounded, it is exceptionally strong, withstanding even Kaidoh’s thunderbolt bagua. It is probably impossible for an ordinary pirate to inflict even a scratch on him.

Hizumorogiri (ice slash)

This is a technique in which the pirate rotates a metal rod held in his left hand, which is covered with cold air, and then falls down and strikes the pirate. The word “HIMORO-GIRI” is used even though it is a technique using a metal rod, so it may be a technique of slashing with a metal rod covered with a blade of ice.
The power and impact are so strong that it knocks the 710-centimeter-tall, muscular Kaidou to the ground.
In the panel in which the technique is performed, it is difficult to see because the angle is slightly pulled back, and in the panel immediately after the technique, Yamato, who has regained his posture and taken a breath, holds the metal club in his right hand again.

Shinsoku Hakujaku

He closes the gap with tremendous speed and strikes vigorously with a metal club covered with Haoshoku haki.



Swinging a cold-air-clad metal club.




20 years ago, at the age of 8. He was present at the public execution of Mitsutsuki Oden (and the nine men in red sheaths) by boiling in a kettle in the City of Flowers, and was strongly impressed by the way Oden died with dignity after saving his subjects by taking his own life. At the same time, he came to harbor antipathy toward his father and the current shogun, Kurotan Orochi’s faction, who had sent him to his death. Later, he visits Oden’s former territory of Kuri (Oden Castle, his former residence, has collapsed at this time) and picks up the “Voyage Logbook” in which Oden himself wrote down half of his life. However, Yamato was 8 years old at the time and could not read much of the logbook, partly because it contained many difficult characters.

After that, Yamato went on a rampage for a week on Onigashima, saying “I am Oden,” and appealed to his father, Kaidou, to remove the chains from his arms. However, Kaidou, while recognizing the promising Yamato who developed Haoshoku haiki at the age of eight, tells Yamato, who calls himself Oden, his enemy, that he must die if he calls himself Oden, and Yamato is locked up in an iwaya where the great swordsmen of Wanokuni are being held for the purpose of making him think twice. As the son of Kaido who killed Oden, Yamato is prepared to be the first to be killed by the samurai, but instead of killing him, the samurai give him a meshi that is only enough for one person. As Yamato interacted with the samurai, he retrieved Oden’s journal, and with the help of the samurai, he was finally able to read what he wanted to read.
However, ten days after his confinement, the samurai realized that they would not be able to participate in the war 20 years later, so they broke through the iwaya and were killed by Kaidou in order to avoid a debilitating death without doing anything and to allow Yamato to participate in the war 20 years later. Yamato spent the rest of his days on the run throughout Onigashima, killing those who were kind to him.

The journal, which contained information about Oden Kougetsu’s dynamic life and “important things,” became like a Bible for him (her), and he became more and more fascinated with Oden. He continued to call himself “Kougetsu Oden.

Since then, Yamato, on behalf of the deceased Akasabana Ninoto (who is actually still alive), decided to carry on Oden’s legacy and “open the country of Wanokuni,” and never revealed the journal that contained the “truth” that Kaidou was pursuing, but kept it carefully hidden until now. (If the journal had been in Kaidou’s hands, it is possible that Kaidou would have become the pirate king not long after that.)

He thought that the chain with the bomb was just a bluff, saying, “There is no way a father would seriously kill his own child,” but at the same time, he thought that the infamous “Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts” might do it, and he could not make up his mind to remove the chain himself. He remained on Onigashima, unable to make up his mind to remove himself from the island.


Encounter with Ace

Four years ago, Portgas D. Ace drifted ashore in Wanokuni, and the entire Spade Pirates team came to Onigashima to free the children of the country who had been captured by the barbaric acts of the Hundred Beasts Pirates. However, Ace, who sees that Yamato is coming to terms with the fact that he cannot leave the island, blasts him, and Yamato reveals his true intentions, and the two men reconcile. After tying up the remaining Hundred Beasts Pirates sailors, Yamato and Ace shared a drink.

The two hit it off even more as they drank more sake. During their conversation, Yamato learned that Ace had a younger brother and that his brother had said the same words as the pirate king. Ace told him not to laugh, but instead Yamato shed tears and praised his brother.

When they parted, Yamato gave up the idea of going to sea with Ace because of a chain he still could not remove, but he made a bible card of Ace so that they could meet again someday. After shredding a piece himself, he gave it to Ace and saw Ace off to sea, promising to see him again.

However, two years earlier, Ace was killed in the Marine Ford Summit War, and Yamato learned of his death when his Bible card suddenly burned up.

At that time, however, Yamato remembered Ace’s words about his younger brother and the words written in Oden’s journal: “More than 20 years in the future, powerful pirates who will lead the next era will come to the New World. Then, reading the World Business Daily, which he later obtained, he learned that Ace was the real son of the Pirate King, and that Ace’s younger brother “Luffy of the Straw Straw” had really made a name for himself as a pirate.

He decided to wait for Luffy, believing in the words written in his journal, and at the same time, he began to pursue information about Luffy, believing that Luffy would take him to his ship.
He also went to kill Kaidou many times and was beaten down each time, but due to the environment in which he routinely experienced battles with the 100 beast Kaidou without being killed, Yamato became dramatically stronger, partly due to his innate qualities.


His successes

Part 2: The Last Sea, New World Arc

Wanokuni Arc


Twenty years later, at the “Night of the Fire Festival” banquet held on Onigashima Island, Kaidou is waiting for his son to attend to make a big announcement, and against Kaidou’s wishes, he disappears. At the same time, the Nine Red Sheaths, who had survived and regrouped in different eras through the arrangement of Oden’s wife, Toki Mitsutsuki, and an allied force of pirates and citizens of the Land of Wano who had gathered to help them, launched a surprise attack on Onigashima.

Yamato, seeing Luffy, who had begun fighting at the banquet hall ahead of them, rescued him as he was about to perform a great move from his “Jumping Rokubutsu” Uruti, and carried him away from the scene. Yamato shows his goodwill by saying, “I’ve been waiting for you,” and reveals himself to be “Kaidou’s son.

Luffy, who had set his sights on Kaidou and was on his way to him, resists the delay in his arrival due to his unknown opponent (whom he senses has no hostile intentions), and temporarily engages in a fist fight with Yamato.
Yamato manages to persuade Luffy to stay away from his attack, but he refuses to listen, and is finally hit by a “rubber elephant gun”. Yamato withstands the attack without a scratch, and uses the explosion caused by the impact to disperse his pursuers, and escapes with Luffy to the attic.

In order to gain Luffy’s trust, Yamato shows him the aforementioned logbook and reveals her true identity as a woman by removing her mask. He also praises Luffy’s strength and shows him that he is not serious yet, and he also mentions the name of his brother-in-law, “Ace,” surprising him.

Yamato reiterated his desire to obtain “freedom” even if it meant defeating his father Kaidou, and Luffy believed his words and tried to remove his (her) shackles, but in the midst of this, Kaidou moved up his schedule to make a “big announcement,” which was as follows In the midst of this, Kaidoh had brought the “big announcement” ahead of schedule and told the whole story of the “New Onigashima Plan”.

He explained that the Navy was preparing a new force comparable to the Four Emperors themselves, and declared that he and Big Mamu, also a member of the Four Emperors, would fight together to capture the “Great Treasure of Hitotsunagi” in earnest with an “ancient weapon” in their hands. He then demanded that Orochi’s subordinates switch to pirate status in order to further expand his army’s military capabilities, and revealed that he would convert all of Wanokuni, including the City of Flowers, into a factory and establish a “New Onigashima” (New Demon Island).
Naturally, Orochi, the shogun, rebelled, but was immediately cut down by Kaidoh himself. Kaidou then appoints his own son, Yamato, as the new shogun, which is a big surprise to Yamato, as he is the one who has been waiting for the “Oden no Oden” to come out. For Yamato, this is completely synonymous with “being on the wrong side of Kaidou, Oden’s avenger and the grudge enemy of Wanokuni,” and “living as a tool of his father’s without being able to go on an adventure aboard Luffy’s ship.

Therefore, Yamato also said, “I’m not going to be a part of it! Damn father !!!!.” He ran toward the stage where his father was giving a speech, and Luffy followed him to Kaidou’s place. On the way, Luffy called out to him to remove the shackles that had been broken off earlier, and considering the possibility that they might explode, he had the shackles instantly thrown away in the distance. As expected, the manacle was indeed a bomb, and the manacle thrown to the stage side caused a huge explosion. Yamato, betrayed by the “parental love” he had believed in, even if only slightly, became tearfully indignant once again and resolved once again to avenge Kaidou.

At the same time as the great explosion, Kaidou was attacked from behind by nine samurai, including Nishikiemon, and fell from the stage. Taking this as a cue, the allied forces that had been mixed in with Kaidou’s group also began fighting. Yamato, under instructions from Luffy, undertakes the role of protecting Momonosuke, Oden’s successor…but perhaps he was so excited by the situation that he, as Oden, was saving Momonosuke, his son, that he shouted at Momonosuke (and Shinobu, who protected Momonosuke), “I am Kougetsu Oden! I am Kougetsu Oden! Naturally, the two people who know Oden himself are alarmed (or rather, don’t recognize him), and he flees the scene.

While Momonosuke and the others were on the run for a while, the two Ootanagi and the six flying brothers changed their strategy and started to take out Momonosuke, who was also their commander-in-chief, in order to weaken the fighting spirit of the rampaging Samurai. Sasaki is the first to discover Momonosuke and his men, and leads an armored unit under his command to fire on them, but Yamato protects them and is hit. They begin fighting to protect the two dying men. They put up a good fight against the gifters, who have the abilities of animals with tough hulls such as crabs, stag beetles, and hedgehogs, and half-destroy their unit.

They encountered Frankie, who was being chased by Hachicha, a member of the number group, and fell into the basement with Momonosuke and the others through a large hole created by Hachicha’s swinging metal club. At this time, Yamato had memorized the exact amount of Frankie’s bounty.

Yamato then reveals to Momonosuke and the others that he is Kaidou’s son and his interaction with Ace four years earlier, and entrusts Momonosuke with Oden’s voyage logbook. He then goes to the rooftop and confronts Kaidou, who has defeated Luffy again. He declares that he will go to sea with Luffy after defeating Kaidou and opening Wanokuni.

Kaidou “You’re my father, Yamato ……!”
Yamato: “I’ve come to sever that kusari!

He activates his own ability to transform into a man-beast form, and fights with Kaidou by hitting him with the Thunderbolt Bagua, but the difference in strength is still too great and he is gradually pushed back. Just before reaching his limit, however, Luffy is revived and Momonosuke arrives on the rooftop as a giant dragon like Kaidou. Just as in the clash between Roger and Whitebeard, Momonosuke entrusts Luffy, who gained enough power to break the heavens when he clashed with Kaidou, with the task of defeating Kaidou, and turns to support Momonosuke as he tries to stop Onigashima.

However, Yamato realizes that even if he defeats Kaidou, Onigashima will be destroyed and the large amount of explosives lying underground will cause extensive damage to the City of Flowers, so he leaves Momonosuke once again and returns to Onigashima. On the way, he encounters Scratchmen Apu and X. Drake, but they do not engage in battle, and Yamato and Ni-Fang of the Numbers, who join him on the spot, head for the underground explosives depot.
They arrived just before the bombs were set on fire by Hamaebo and engaged Hamaebo after freezing him with their abilities. They fought for a while, but the battle was interrupted when Big Mam, who was fighting on the live floor, came tumbling down from a large hole that had been opened. Then Big Mom detonated one of the bombs, which caused the fire front to shrink rapidly, and Yamato succeeded in preventing the worst from happening by freezing the remaining bombs again.

After that, he rejoined Momonosuke and watched for a while as Luffy, whose “voice” had once disappeared, was revived by his awakening. Then, as Kaidou’s flame cloud was about to disappear, Momonosuke was urged to create a flame cloud.
Momonosuke landed on Onigashima without incident. Meanwhile, Luffy, who had defeated Kaidou, fell headlong from the air. Yamato caught him and praised his victory with a smile, thus ending the “Battle of Wanokuni Tenjo Kessen.

Looking back at Yamato’s history of battles and actions at Onigashima, we can see that although he made an impressive first appearance, “knocking out the Four Emperors’ leader, the Flying Sixth Brother, Ruti, with a single blow,” he was followed by a series of other victories, such as “the battle against Momonosuke and Shinobito.
He ran away and hid to protect Momonosuke and Shinobu.
He held Kaidou back until Luffy arrived.
He deals with the bomb in the basement.
He inspires Momonosuke to create the Flaming Cloud.
Catching and caring for Luffy as he falls.
…… and confronted the crisis he was facing, he was supportive throughout, and the war ended without any spectacular activities such as destroying the flying six spores and the big billboards.

After caring for Luffy, he finally meets the other members of the Straw Hat gang. When he announced that he would board the ship, most of the members responded favorably, but Jinbe admonished him that he could not give his consent until he heard it from Luffy’s mouth, and Yamato agreed with Jinbe, putting the matter on hold for the time being. He then landed in the City of Flowers, heard Momonosuke’s speech, and smiled.

After that, he stayed at the castle in the City of Flowers with the rest of the Straw Hat crew, fasting and not taking a bath for a week, hoping for Luffy’s recovery.
During this time, he seemed to have become friendly with the other crew members, and after Luffy’s recovery, they went to take a bath together, but as a matter of course, they mingled in the men’s bath (naturally, one of them was down so badly that his nose was bleeding profusely).

Aside from the above

In anime and games

The voice actor in charge was not reported in the WJ, nor in the book, nor in the web news, but in the “WE ARE ONE.” video work commemorating the 100th volume of the “ONE PIECE” comics and 1000th episode of the anime, which was updated before dawn on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, and in the “WE ARE ONE.” article on the website of the WJ. The announcement was made along with a video comment by Saori Hayami, the creator of “ONE PIECE”.
This is not the first time for Ms. Saori Hayami to participate in “ONEPIECE,” but the first time since her performance as Diva Ann in the “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION” series at the Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Her first appearance in the anime with voice was in episode 991, broadcast on September 12 of the same year, and her mask will be taken off in episode 992, broadcast the following week on September 19.
The app game “Treasure Cruise” was also released during the same month, but in consideration of the development of the anime, the unmasked image was released immediately after the broadcast of episode 992.



Despite the fact that it has only been around for a short time (it is difficult to say that it has appeared in many episodes, and at the time of the poll, it had not yet appeared in an anime, and even its voice actor had not been decided), it achieved a remarkable achievement, ranking 11th overall in the ONEPIECE WORLD TOP 100.
On the other hand, the author mentions that there were quite a few questions about Yamato in SBS, including those related to the personification of side boobs (in case you were wondering, he had them personified).
On September 12, 2021, pixivision published a feature article

Reaction to the appearance
When the fact that the “Son of Kaido” existed was first discovered, there was a flurry of speculation among readers. Since the Wanokuni Arc had been developing a number of investigations into the identities of major characters, such as “the spy of the Kurotan family” and “the last of the missing wrestlers,” many readers followed this precedent and speculated that “a character who had already appeared in the story was actually Kaidou’s son. The majority of the speculation was that the character who had already appeared in the story was actually the son of Kaidou.
Some of the popular theories were that “Kaidou and Big Mam are actually a former couple, and their child is currently a member of the latter’s pirate group,” or that “Oden, who was executed, is actually alive (or reincarnated according to some law in the work), and was protected as ‘Kaidou’s son’ after losing his memory. Oden was actually alive (or reincarnated according to some law in the work), lost his memory, and was protected as the “son of Kaidoh.


Reactions from readers

When she first appeared in the series, she became popular as a moe character because she was a beautiful woman with all the attributes of an ogre’s daughter, a beautiful woman in men’s clothing, a young lady in a box, and the “son” of the boss of the enemy. He was constantly criticized by Luffy and other characters in the manga for being too outlandish, and was perceived by readers as a very radio-controlled character.
In addition, some readers raised their level of understanding of the mystery about Oden, such as “Kougetsu Oden is a concept.


Gender Issues

Kaidou, the father of Oden, and other members of Hundred Beasts Pirates treat him (her) as “Kaidou’s son,” and it is said on the Internet that Hundred Beasts Pirates is tolerant of such a situation.
On the other hand, there is an opinion that since Kaidou has appointed Yamato as the new shogun, he thought that it would be better for the system to have a male heir, so he gave him a masculine name and dared to treat him as a boy. However, in her childhood, she was called Oni-hime-sama by her underlings, and Kaidoh also treated her as a daughter. Perhaps he just did not want to think of her as a “soft girl” because of her admiration for Oden, who had inflicted wounds on him.

Kikunojo, one of the red sheaths who also appeared in the Wanokuni Arc, has a similar argument with him (her).


Circumstances in Hundred Beasts Pirates

Because of his position as Kaidou’s son, the members of Hundred Beasts Pirates call him “Onihime-sama” when he was a child and “Yamato-sama” and “Botchan” after he grew up, and he seems to have a certain authority over them, but more importantly, he said in his childhood that he wanted to become “Onin” (Kaidou’s enemy). Because of this, he does not get along well with his father Kaidou and the other six flying brothers who adore him, and he seems to show little respect or friendship toward them, as he is called “Yamato” and sometimes called “stupid son. He is especially indebted to Kaidou for taking him in when he was a child, and is seen as incomprehensible to Ruruti, whose only blood relative is his younger brother.


Reason for the Mask

Yamato initially appears wearing a hannya mask, but in the next episode, he simply removes the mask to reveal his true face. However, since entering the Wanokuni Arc, Tenguyama Hito (tengu mask), Kikunojo (demon mask), Komurasaki (fox mask), and many others have been wearing masks as well, so it is likely that his (her) mask is also foreshadowed in some way. It is also thought that his (her) mask may contain some kind of foreshadowing. It is also believed that his (her) mask may contain some kind of foreshadowing.



Okuchi no Makami is also a guardian deity of fire and theft prevention, which may be the origin of the fact that Yamato’s demon fruit has an ice attribute and that he appeared as a countermeasure against Kaido’s faction, which is “trying to steal the country.
Nihon no Muson, the supposed model for his name, is also related to the Okuchi no Makami lore. When he defeated an evil god in the form of a moose, he was lost in the mist and a white wolf saved him like a sentinel wolf.
In the “Chronicles of Japan,” the white wolf is said to have told him to stay there as Okuchi no Makami after he had made it through.
Nihon no Muson himself is also depicted as the opposite of Yamato (Yamato used to “dress as a man to deceive his allies”), with the tradition that he would “dress as a woman to deceive his enemies”.

Also, genetic research has revealed that the Japanese wolf, the model for Okuchi no Makami, is the last survivor of an ancient species in Siberia, which may be connected to its ability to manipulate ice and cold air.
One of the reasons for the origin of the term Okuchi no Makami is the “black pattern around the edges of the eyes, as if they were covered in shading. (The (red) kumadori is said to symbolize an ally of justice or a god, and is also connected to Luffy’s Gear 4.

The Great Boar, the “mountain god” associated with Kougetsu Oden, also has similarities with the mountain god of Mt. Ibuki, where Nippon Muson struggled, who is believed to be a boar. Mt. Ibuki is also the site of the legend of Shuten Doji, who is said to be one of the models for Kaido (and also the son of Yamata-no-orochi) and Ibaraki Doji, the son of Shuten Doji.
Furthermore, “Namuji” in “Namuji Hyoga,” one of the techniques, is another name for Okuninushi no Mikoto, the son-in-law of Susano-no-mikoto in Japanese mythology, and one of the motifs of oden is Susano-no-mikoto, which may suggest a relationship with Yamato, who adores him.

Oriental dragon designs were also influenced by the monster whale Kates in Greek mythology, which was introduced to Asia with the development of the Silk Road by camels (the head of the Oriental dragon is considered to be a camel and the word for dragon’s head is derived from the word for dragon’s life, Gamarojo, which means fear of whales), and one of the oldest dragon designs in China is called the pig dragon (also of the whale-even-toed order) It was a dragon design with a boar’s head.


Joining the straw hat pirates?

When Yamato confronts Kaidou in the work, he declares that he will “go to sea with Luffy,” and says to the gang he meets after the settlement, “I will be put on your ship. Of the crew who heard this statement, Robin reacted favorably, and Sanji and Brook were very much in favor. Only Jinbe is in favor of Yamato personally, although his attitude is that “it depends on the captain’s approval.
It is still unclear whether Luffy would approve (although there was a dispute before and after he revealed that he was originally a woman), but it seems unlikely that he would refuse, since he is not the type to suppress the freedom of others… (Most of the gang is recruited by Luffy. (Most of the gang members are recruited by Luffy, but Robin and Brook have voluntarily applied to join the gang, and Luffy has approved. (In the case of Brook, he was recruited based on his interesting appearance when they first met, so Robin is the only one who voluntarily applied to join the gang before being recruited by Luffy.)

After that, Luffy and Zoro woke up after sleeping for a week and hit it off with them at the banquet and hot springs (Sanji and Brook were excited when Yamato entered the men’s hot spring with impunity). As far as I can see in that work, he does not seem to have mentioned that yet. The updated arrangement arrived shortly after that…. If he (she) were to be accepted, it is unclear how much his (her) bounty would be and what his (her) alias would be (the bounty is likely to be at least in the hundreds of millions due to his origins and his successes in the works, etc.), and the person in the middle, born in 1991, would be the youngest of the voice actors in charge of the gang (Katsu Hogame, the oldest, who played the now deceased first Jinbe, is the youngest of all the voice actors in charge of the gang. (He is 45 years older than Hisashi Hogame, the oldest voice actor who played the late first-generation Jinbeh, so it would not be surprising if they were not only father and son but also grandfather and grandson).