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One Piece Spoiler Latest Episode 1053 Prediction | The final chapter starts in Wanokuni!

What will happen to One Piece in the future?

We will introduce the possible developments.

The latest One Piece episode 1052 has spoilers, so please be careful.

The final chapter starts in Wanokuni!

The final chapter will start from One Piece Episode 1054, but it seems that it will not start from the new place but from Wanokuni.

It is difficult to start with only one more episode to finish everything.

The things that are likely to be depicted in Wanokuni are as follows.

・A party

・New bounty & new sea emperor

・Whether or not Yamato will join us

・Confrontation with Ryokugyu

・The whereabouts of Lord Poneglyph

・About God’s Kingdom

・Dissolution or continuation of the alliance between the Pirates of the Heart and the Kid Pirates

・Next Destination

・Treatment of the Hundred Beast Pirates (Joining The Straw fleet?)

The Aftermath of Nika’s Resurrection and the Defeat of the Four Emperors

In One Piece Episode 1052, the exchange between Five Elders and CP0 was depicted.

Five Elders thought that it would be bad for the world to know that Nika appeared and that Kaidou and Big Mom were defeated at the same time.

It is true that Nika, the sun god with many anecdotes, appeared in Wanokuni, and the Four Emperors there were overthrown.

People who believe in Nika will be convinced of his power as a savior, and those who are thinking of revolution and seeking salvation will be encouraged.

But is that all that Five Elders is concerned about?

It is possible that Five Elders was trying to get the Four Emperors to do something apart from Nika.

Like the control of a major incident involving The Straw fleet (as he said in his monologue at the end of the Dressrosa Arc)?

Robin’s Origin of Wanokuni

In One Piece Episode 1052, Robin was not seen.

It seems that Five Elders is still targeting Robin, and I am worried about him acting alone.

However, we didn’t see Inuarashi either, so it is possible that they are working together as an escort.

As for where Robin is going, it is probably not to the poneglyphs.

It would not be surprising if he is learning the location of the ponegriff from Law on condition that he shares the contents with him.

Since the final chapter is about to begin, the Poneglyph must contain important information.

I think that the contents will also be revealed in One Piece Episode 1053.

The Remaining Role of Marco

In One Piece Episode 1052, we found out that Izou and Ashura Douji had died.

I am very sorry.

The scene where Marco, Kawamatsu, and Nishikiemon are regretting them was impressive.

However, Marco and the others will not become the grave guardians, but they will be the guides for Luffy and Momonosuke who are trying to move on as a duty of the survivors.

First of all, I think they will tell us what they know about God’s Kingdom and King’s true identity that Whitebeard talked about in One Piece Episode 1053 and onward.

It will be a clue to the next adventure and the lost 100 years of blank space.

Zoro’s Hell Tour

In One Piece Episode 1052, Zoro had a fight with Sanji as soon as he woke up, and at that time he said that he came back from hell to see if Sanji was sane.

This can be taken as a metaphor, but there was also a scene in One Piece Episode 1038 where Zoro actually had an encounter with the Grim Reaper.

I think he really went to hell.

Also, speaking of hell, it is Enma, right?

I think that the development that he talked with Enma, Zoro’s sword, in hell, underwent trials, and made some kind of deal with Enma in order to return from hell will be revealed before One Piece Episode 1053.

Yamato got in a male bath and Kiku got in a female bath

In One Piece Episode 1052, there was a bathing scene of Yamato and I was shocked to see him in a men’s bath.

Yamato is indeed a woman in appearance, but Kaidou said that Yamato is his son.

Maybe he is male after all.

Is it possible that he just has a female body under the influence of eating the Inu Inu no Mi Mythical Zoan-type model, Okuchi no Makami?

There is a character named Moro in “Princess Mononoke” who is said to be modeled after Okuchi no Makami, but she was also a female.

However, considering the fact that Kiku, who is “a woman at heart,” was in a woman’s bath, it may be a wild idea to pursue the question of gender.

Still, if Yamato becomes Luffy’s friend, we may see more scenes like this in the future, and Sanji and Brook will probably end up like that every time.

Is the opening of the country physical?

Five Elders was informed that Wanokuni is not opening up to the world and he told him that they cannot attack because the country has not opened up.

So it seems that opening up a country involves physical movement.

Something like changing the ocean currents in Wanokuni, which currently cannot be reached normally, might be called “opening the country.

And for that, Zunisha’s power was probably necessary.

What Ryokugyu will do in Wanokuni?

After Five Elders told CP0 to bring Robin, Ryokugyu interrupted him.

He seems to be on his way to Wanokuni by himself, but what is he going to do?

The storyline is to take Robin, but I don’t know if Ryokugyu will cooperate with Five Elders or CP0, who is directly under his command.

In fact, there are even rumors that he might betray the Navy since he is in the opposite position of Yellow Monkey (Shin), Blue Pheasant (Rooster), and Red Dog (Dog) among the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, which are the motif of the general.

When Sakazaki asked him not to make things worse, he replied that he knew what he was doing.

He may not intend to do anything by force.

Or perhaps he has the ability to accomplish his goal without force.

Ryokugyu can be expected to have the power of plants because he is flying with a huge flower on his back turning like a propeller.

Whatever the purpose, it seems that the day will soon come when the figure that has been only a silhouette for a long time will be unveiled.

Ryokugyu’s true identity is Bruno

The latest information of One Piece the Movie is being released day and night from the official Twitter.

Among them, the visual of Bruno of CP-9 is also revealed.

He is wearing a green jersey and a pink flower, plus he originally has a cow motif, so there are rumors that Bruno is Ryokugyu.

However, the jersey also says “UTA” and the tagline is “No, this is a mission.” The catchphrase was “No, this is a mission.

I think he will appear in the movie as “Uta’s fan” instead of “General”.

Also, in SBS of One Piece volume 73, Oda-sensei wrote that Ryokugyu’s design was already there and “Ryokugyu is so cool! He wrote, “Green Cow is so cool!

I am not saying that Bruno is not cool, but if I were to rank them, they would not be at the top of the list.

In other words, Ryokugyu is not Bruno, but a new character.

By the way, if you type “Bruno” in the internet search field, you will see “green” in the suggestion, but if you search for “Bruno green”, you will see cool green kitchen items.

Who named Joy Boy?

It was rumored in the streets of Wanokuni that it was Joy Boy who defeated Kaidou.

I wonder who started this story.

There is no evidence that Luffy ever claimed to be Joy Boy.

Momonosuke has already revealed that he was rescued by pirates, so there seems to be no reason for Momonosuke’s side to hide Luffy’s name.

It means that there is someone in Wanokuni who wants to spread Joy Boy’s name.

The Straw Hat Crew’s Bounty of 10 Billion UP

Comparing the Straw Hat Pirates and the Hundred Beast Pirates, the Hundred Beast Pirates win hands down at this point.

The difference is 10,509,100,000,000 – 3,161,001,000,000,100 = 7,348,099,900,000 berries.

However, now that he has destroyed the head and executives of the Hundred Beast Pirates, the difference in bounty is sure to be reversed.

Incidentally, Luffy’s bounty was 30 million berries after the battle with Aaron, 100 million after defeating Crocodile, 300 million after fighting CP9, 400 million after the Summit Battle, 500 million after defeating Doflamingo, and 1.5 billion after Whole Cake Island.

Since he defeated Kaidoh, who is worth more than 4.6 billion, he is sure to reach nearly 5 billion.

According to current information, Zoro and Sanji, the two wings of the Pirate King, are still ahead of each other in prize money.

However, the difference in prize money between the king and queen is not that great, so the difference is probably tens of millions of berries.

The total bounty is up by an unprecedented 10 billion! It is likely that there will be an unprecedented increase in the total bounty by 10 billion!

I would like to see the reaction of the people in their hometowns, just like when the bounty was raised last time!

Luffy and Law join the Four Emperors? What about Baggy?

With the defeat of Kaidou and Big Mom, two of the Four Emperors are gone.

Luffy is the next Four Emperors, isn’t he?

Kid also defeated Big Mom, but Law’s bounty is a little higher than Kid’s 470 million, and even if Kid’s bounty were to go up, it is likely that this ranking would not change.

Luffy’s bounty is 1.5 billion, which is by far the highest among the three.

If Luffy and Law join (although there is a possibility that three of them will join and become the Five Emperors), three out of the four members will be from the D clan, which also seems to have meaning.

The bounty should also exceed Kaidou’s 4,611,100,000 and Big Mom’s 4,388,000,000, which would also exceed Shanks’ 4,048,900,000.

Also, since the cover of One Piece volume 25 was mainly Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy, and Buggy, there are rumors that “if Luffy becomes the Fourth Emperor, then Buggy will also be included,” but no way….

Will Yamato join?

Yamato clearly states his determination to become Luffy’s friend to the Straw Hat gang.

He’s a divine beast who can use the high king color, he has a straight and kawaii personality… He’s going to be the best companion and an asset to the war effort!

I really hope he will be Luffy’s 10th member.

If Luffy is OK with it, there should be no one else who will oppose it (I don’t think he will make the “I don’t like it!!!” face that Whitebeard and Oden showed in their reminiscences). face that Shirohige and Oden showed in their recollections…?)

However, the fact that Yamato still calls himself Oden, as in “Kougetsu Oden aka Yamato”, is a little worrisome.

If Luffy refuses or is reluctant to join Yamato’s group, he would probably try to be this Oden.

Every pirate with a core in One Piece risks his life for his own ambitions, and Luffy is no different.

So I think there is a part of Yamato who is trying to live as someone else that I don’t agree with.

It would be nice if Yamato could show that “Oden” in Yamato is a symbol of “=living freely” or if Yamato has his own ambitions in place and Luffy can say “good” to him…

Luffy, Law and Kid’s alliance dissolves?

Now that the goal of defeating the Four Emperors has been achieved, the alliance between the Straw Hat Pirates, the Heart Pirates, and the Kid Pirates is likely to be dissolved.

After One Piece Episode 1053, it may develop into a poneglyph battle and become a battle again.

But even if he gets the stone, only Robin can read it.

Aside from Kid who wants to become the pirate king, Law is likely to give priority to learning the truth of the D family’s strange fate.

If that is the case, it is more likely that Luffy and Law will team up and Kid will back down for a while, instead of a three-way battle.

By the way, Law has reached the non-red stone owned by Kaidou on the second basement floor of Onigashima (One Piece #996), and he may use it as a bargaining chip.

But for now, I hope they all attend the banquet…

The Biggest Banquet Ever!

In One Piece Episode 997, when Jinbeh became a member, after defeating Kaidou, Luffy said “Let’s have the biggest banquet ever” and in One Piece Episode 1052, he was preparing for the banquet at a rapid pace.

In ONE PIECE 1053, the biggest banquet ever will be held.

It seems that the most appropriate “foreign country” for the people of Wanokuni, which had been in seclusion, to visit first is the Principality of Mokomo.

The banquet will probably be attended by the Straw Hat Pirates, Samurai, Mink Tribe, other Wanokoku people, and the Gifters who became friends with Ladama.

The Heart Pirates and Kid Pirates will also be invited, but will Law and Kid balk?

I think it will be tough for the Hundred Beast Pirates, but it will be interesting to see how Momonosuke will judge them.

There is also a theory that Luffy’s awakening as Nika was foreshadowed at the Sorajima banquet, so there may be new foreshadowing at the banquet in the Wanokuni Arc.

It will be a banquet that cannot be missed in many ways.

The Identity of the Reaper that Attacks Zoro

What is the true identity of the mysterious reaper that appeared in front of Zoro who cannot move due to the side effects of the super recovery medicine?

There are four possibilities: a phantom caused by side effects, Brook, a phantom shown by Enma, and Onimaru.

The most likely is that it is an illusion caused by side effects.

Zoro became even more ragged after being hit with the super-healing drug, so it is not surprising that he is wandering between life and death.

Next, as for the possibility of Brook, this guykotsu looks somewhat like Brook, although it is hard to see him clearly because he is wearing a hood.

But considering the fact that the guycats generally look alike, and the fact that Brook is here running away with Robin, etc., it is more likely that it is not Brook.

Third, about the illusion by Enma.

If the sword called Enma, the king of hell, actually has an ego or will, it might be able to take the form of a reaper or send a reaper to Zoro.

He may really be trying to make Zoro the king of hell, which he said he would be.

Or, since he is about to attack with the scythe, it could be taken that he is trying to test Zoro, to put him to the test.

If he is attacked by the sickle of the Phantom Reaper, Zoro might die.

If he goes to Hades, he will need Brook’s power, won’t he?

Or, as Zoro famously said in One Piece Episode 84, “Even a Shinigami can’t take my life! As Zoro famously said in One Piece episode 84, “Not even the Shinigami can take my life!

Finally, there is Onimaru.

If Otama is here and Hiyori is here, it is not surprising that Onimaru is here.

If he came to save them, he doesn’t have to be in his Shinigami form, but he may have an agenda.

Pheasant is Aokiji or Hiyori?

It is thought that the episode of One Piece’s Wanokuni is based on Momotaro.

Momonosuke is of course Momotaro, Kaidou is the ogre, Luffy is the monkey, and Yamato is the dog.

Currently, Momotaro, Monkey, Dog, and Oni are all present on Onigashima.

But there is no pheasant.

The pheasant was thought to be Marco, the phoenix, but Marco is fighting against the King, the big billboard.

King may fight Sanji and Zoro with Queen in the future, but it is unlikely that Marco will go all the way to the rooftop to save Luffy.

Therefore, someone else who is a pheasant will come to the aid of Luffy, Yamato, and Momonosuke to complete Momotaro.

Aokiji, who was a general, is a perfect name, but it is too abrupt.

The name “Aokiji” is a perfect match for the name of the general, but it is too sudden.

Caesar Teams Up with Germa?

The fact that Caesar had failed to escape from Whole Cake Island was revealed in the door picture series.

I was surprised because I thought he had managed to escape in the confusion, but it might have been difficult considering Caesar’s fighting power….

It seems that Caesar and Judge will meet again in the future.

I believe they are (MADS?) former colleagues. They were former colleagues, weren’t they?

They didn’t seem to get along very well, but it is possible that they will team up to get off the island.

Or we can expect them to work together to improve the performance of Germa’s weapons in order to get out of the island.

Will Sanji be presented with a new stealth black soon…?

The Birth of the Otama Family?

It turns out that the effect of Otama’s Kibidango lasts for one month.

However, it seems that there are some gifters who will stay by her side even after the effect wears off.

As we can see from his interactions with Komachiyo, Big Mom, Umami, and others, Otama is a natural (?). A geek!

I am sure there are many gifters who would like to stay by his side even after a month has passed.

It may not be possible to coexist in harmony with the people of Wanokuni out of the blue, but it should be possible to live quietly in a secluded place with Otama.

As she told Umami, she misses her family.

It may be possible that a close-knit family of Odama and the Gifters will be born.

If Big Mom is still alive, I hope she will join this family and become a little more rounded.

The Men Who Waited for Joy Boy

In Kaidou’s recollection, it was mentioned again that King is waiting for Joy Boy.

It seems that King, who is from the now-deceased God’s Country, is expecting something from Joy Boy.

Since the government doesn’t seem to want people to know about Joy Boy or the existence of the Sun God, it would be the homeland that King learned about Joy Boy (although there are other examples like Hoodoo).

I wonder what kind of Joy Boy stories have been passed on to God’s country.

The possibility of King’s reappearance would be strong.

I saw a theory on social media that King, not Yamato, might be on a straw ship, but that would be interesting.

It was also stated that Oden’s reason for wanting to open the country is “to welcome Joy Boy.

What did he want to do after opening the country and welcoming Joy Boy?

Was Oden worried not only about Wanokuni but also about the world?

Or did he think that by not welcoming Joy Boy, something strange would happen to the world, which would affect Wanokuni as well?

What Zunisha Expects

Zunisha said that the sound of Luffy’s heartbeat, “Dondotto♪”, is the drum of liberation.

In One Piece Episode 1046, she also revealed that she missed Joy Boy seemingly being there, felt a sense of destiny, and (perhaps) had high hopes for Luffy.

From this, I get the feeling that for Zunisha, Joy Boy is still that one person from 800 years ago.

Also, based on his previous statements and others, it is thought that 800 years ago Joyboy and Zunisha made something happen, but were unable to accomplish it, Joyboy was gone, and Zunisha was punished.

I wonder what Zunisha’s long-cherished wish and expectation is.

We do not know the specifics yet, but we can say that the world government, which has been in control since Joy Boy’s disappearance, is definitely on the enemy side.

However, the world government did not kill Zunisha.

Considering this, it may be that Zunisha, like Gorosei, who is suspected of being immortal, has a body that will never die.

Could the release from the curse of immortality be one of the things that Zunisha is hoping for?

Kaidou’s High Aura Faith

What caught my attention in One Piece Episode 1047 was Kaidou’s Haki-Faith.

As the one who has the ability of the “Woo Woo” fruit, Kaidou must know the strength of the devil’s fruit better than anyone else, but he still thinks that the high energy is superior to it.

He believes that the hidden power that has not yet been revealed in the Haki, the power that could rule the world, is in the Haki.

I also wonder where he got the information about Roger’s lack of ability.

I heard that Garp and Roger teamed up to destroy the Rocks pirates, so he must have known at that point (38 years ago) that Roger was not a psychic.

In that battle, did Roger show Kaidou his supremacy that could dominate everything?

But if it was “when he became the pirate king” that he “surpassed all”, it was after the Gott Valley incident (25 years ago).

I wonder if he heard it from someone or if he also went to see Kaidou after Roger got off the ship, and if the latter, I would love to see his recollection.

Kaidou is an ogre, but Roger’s alias is also “ogre,” and their faces are similar, so I don’t think it would be surprising if there is a connection other than friend and foe.

Big Mom didn’t seem to know what One Piece is, but Kaidou may have a clue.

Can a person with abilities get near Laugh Tale?

Kaidou said that it is high energy that surpasses everything, but that could be taken in a different way, that you don’t have to be a psychic to surpasses everything.

Baby carriage had a fever when he went to catch the One Piece.

Maybe that is why he could not approach Laugh Tale.

If Kaidou knows this, it could be one of the reasons why he values high energy more than ability.

It is also known that Kaidou was discussing with Big Mom about forming a pirate group of only able-bodied pirates.

This may have been a calculation that increasing the number of able-bodied pirates would reduce the number of rivals approaching Laugh Tale.

If that is the case, the Straw Hat gang with many abilities would be at a great disadvantage.

The Connection between Nika and Joy Boy

Zunisha said that when Luffy died, she heard the sound of drums and Joy Boy came back.

And Five Elders said that the real name of the rubbery fruit is “Nika,” a Mythical Zoan-type model of the Hitohito fruit.

These facts suggest that the person who was called Joy Boy 800 years ago was the last person who awakened before Luffy.

Since only the world government knew the real name of the rubbery fruit, someone may have started calling Nika’s ability to fight with laughter and make people smile JOYBOY.

Also, Five Elders said that he had not been able to obtain the Gomu Gomu no Nama for 800 years.

This could be interpreted as either the World Government had the rubber-rubber fruit 800 years ago, or they learned of its existence 800 years ago.

If the former is the case, Joy Boy may have been on the side of the World Government.

Or, since Five Elders did not mention Joy Boy, it is possible that the connection between Joy Boy and Nika is somewhere else.

Is Laugh Tale by Joy Boy?

From One Piece Episode 1044 and 1045, Luffy started to use his power after awakening.

Since even the newly awakened Luffy can use it right away, it seems that he will be able to do something extraordinary if he masters it.

Also, in light of the legend that it makes people who see it smile, and the fact that Luffy made the ground bobble, I feel that there may be a connection with Laugh Tale.

Laugh Tale was named after the pirate king Roger for making him laugh.

I think this is an island created by Joy Boy.

And since it is also the world’s most ridiculous ability, it is now possible that Laugh Tale is also the most ridiculous thing in the world.

It makes me imagine even more what kind of island it is.

Is Blackbeard aiming at Luffy from the beginning?

Blackbeard said in One Piece Vol. 46 that there is only one who will win, the sun or the darkness.

It was thought at the time that he was referring to Ace, who has the ability of fire, as the sun in the fight with Ace.

At this point, Blackbeard must have been convinced that he was going to fight Nika-Joyboy, the sun.

Blackbeard’s hobby is historical research, and it is highly likely that he knew about Nika and Joy Boy.

I also saw a prediction that he may have been researching the “Drum of Liberation” as well as the fact that he had attacked the Drum Kingdom by running backwards from the New World to the Grand Line.

Blackbeard’s contact with Luffy may be due to his historical research or to achieve his own goal.

The Yami Yami no Nut may be the only thing that can counter the ability hidden in the Gomu Gomu no Nut or the Straw Hat, which is considered to be the sun.

Does Blackbeard also want to become a joy-boy, or is he trying to become the strongest in the world by defeating joy-boys?

Shanks moves with the defeat of the Four Emperors?

Shanks has appeared since One Piece Episode 1.

As you can see from the fact that Luffy became a pirate because he admired Shanks, he is also an important person for Luffy.

While Shanks seems to be a nice guy, it is rumored that he is actually the mastermind behind everything.

The reasons are as follows.

Five Elders listens to Shanks’ request even though he is a pirate.

He was not that obsessed when Roger went to catch the One Piece.

He sometimes looks bad.

There are many predictions that Shanks is a twin, but it is possible that he has two sides and deceives various people.

It is unclear why they have to pretend to be the same person even though they are twins.

But in that case, Shanks must be hiding the fact that he is a twin from those around him.

If one of the twins is a good person, at least the executive class of the red-haired pirates who are close to Shanks must know about it.

Furthermore, Luffy, whom Shanks regarded highly enough to entrust his Straw Hat to, would also know something, or at least get a hint that they are the good twins.

However, Luffy and the other pirates have not mentioned such a thing.

Therefore, I think that Shanks is one person who has two sides to him.

Perhaps Shanks is the Fourth Emperor, but he is actually on the side of the World Government, and he became the Fourth Emperor to hide this fact?

With the two Fourth Emperors having been corrupted, Shanks, who is also a Fourth Emperor, may make some kind of move.

What the Torn Pages of the Logbook Show

Oden’s journal contained everything about Laugh Tale and Joy Boy, and it was thought that both Yamato and Momonosuke, who read it, understood everything.

However, it turns out that Oden’s journal has one important page torn out that describes Laugh Tale.

What could this mean for Yamato’s joining the straw men?

It has been thought that Yamato knows too much to join Luffy’s group, but Yamato does not know the key elements that lead to Laugh Tale.

This makes it more likely than ever that Yamato will be the 10th member of the Straw Hat crew.

It is possible that Momonosuke may hear directly from Zunisha and pass the information on to Yamato, but at this point, Yamato is the most likely candidate to become the next member.

Law & Kid vs Big Mom Pirates?

Even if Big Mom is dead, Big Mom’s pirates are still there.

It is highly likely that Law and Kid will be targeted as Big Mom’s avengers.

The Big Mom pirates should be looking for Big Mom, so they should be in or near Wanokuni.

If Big Mom’s pirates find out about Big Mom after the battle at Onigashima, they will immediately come after Law and Kid to get rid of them.

The two have already exceeded the limit of their physical strength, so they cannot fight a more powerful enemy.

Also, the Straw Hat crew should not be strong enough to fight against Big Mom’s pirates.

The World Government is also on its way, so there is no doubt that all hell will break loose.

Unless they get help, Luffy, Law, and Kid will have a hard time escaping.

The Straw fleet or the Revolutionary Army?

Are the Five Elders immortal?

Five Elders was talking about a certain devil fruit, and he said that the legendary devil fruit had not awakened for hundreds of years in the past.

This tone of voice sounds as if they have seen it themselves.

It has been said in the past that Five Elders may be immortal (because their appearance has not changed for decades), but I feel that this conversation makes it even more likely.

I say that the legendary devil fruit is also legendary for Five Elders.

This nuance may have the implication that “even Five Elders, who has already lived for several hundred years, has not seen it actually awakened”.

What is happening all over the world?

CP0 said that if Luffy and his team were to win after all the big billboards were wiped out, it would have a further impact on the incidents happening all over the world.

What exactly are the events happening around the world while the decisive battle is taking place in Wanokuni?

First of all, the elimination of the Shichibukai, what happened to Sabo and Bibi, and the rise of a new generation, which Oden also wrote about in his journal.

There is also a possibility that this will be connected to the “big incident” that Luffy and his friends were supposed to cause in One Piece Episode 800.

There is also a possibility that there is some other major incident happening in addition to this.

Blackbeard may be causing more commotion.

As the One Nation Arc is coming to an end, what is happening in the world will become clearer little by little.

Cover Serialization Reveals the Mystery of Gelma?

The 25th cover serialization “Germa 66 Ah Ah, Emotionless Sea Adventure” has begun.

It might touch on the reason why Big Mom’s pirates haven’t come to Onigashima much, and the secret of Sanji’s body that is becoming clear.

Also, the Queen was sent flying through the castle and over the island by Sanji’s kick.

Maybe there is a possibility that we will see her again with her rival Judge in the door picture?

By the way, the list of cover serials so far is as follows.

Vol. 1 The Adventures of the Buggy Gang

Vol. 2 Kobimeppo’s Diary of Struggle

Vol. 3 Django’s Dance Heaven

Vol. 4 Hacchan’s Undersea Walk

Vol. 5 Wapolu’s Omnivore Banzai

Vol. 6 Ace’s Blackbeard’s Great Hunt for Blackbeard

Vol. 7 Gedatsu’s Careless Life in the Blue Sea

Vol. 8 Miss G.W.’s Operation Name “Meets Baroque

Vol. 9 Enel’s Space Mission

Vol. 10 CP9’s Off Duty Report

Vol. 11 – 18 The gang’s independent training begins for 2 years

Vol. 19 From the Deck of the World

Vol. 20 Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World

Vol. 21 Solo Trip to Jimbay’s Sea of Chivalry

Vol.22 From the Deck of the World, The 500 Million Man Edition

Vol. 23 The Straw Fleet Story of the Pressing Straw Fleet

Vol. 24 The Oh My Family of “Gangster” Bedge

Vol.25 Germa66 Ah, Emotionless Sea Adventure

Tashigi and Zoro are Descendants of Shimotsuki?

It turns out that Kozaburo Shimotsuki, the creator of Enma, is Kuina’s grandfather.

Furthermore, in the SBS of One Piece volume 101, there was an explanation about how Kozaburo Shimotsuki created Shimotsuki Village, and it was also mentioned that Zoro’s lineage is….

From this, it is certain that Zoro is the grandson of a native of Wanokuni.

Since Zoro may be a grandson due to his resemblance to Ushimotsuki Ushimaru, there is a high probability that he is also related to Kuina.

If Kuina and Shigi are blood related, then Zoro and Shigi may also be relatives and descendants of the Shimotsuki family?

Are Queen and Frankie father and son?

Queen showed her cyborgishness in the fight against Sanji.

It is thought that such Queen and Franky, the cyborg of the Straw Pirates, may actually be related by blood.

The reason.

They are both cyborgs.

Queen has brachiosaurus abilities and Frankie created the brachiotank

Energy or oxygen is the sweetener for both of them (oshiruko for Queen, cola for Frankie)

Frankie is abandoned by pirates, Queen may have been a pirate before the Hundred Pirates

Queen is 56 years old, Frankie is 36.

This led me to believe that the two are father and son or blood related in some way.

Frankie does not often enter the live floor, although he has his own reasons for not letting his enemies into the live floor.

Also, in One Piece Episode 989, when Frankie was about to combine (dock) on the live floor, Queen’s face was in the next panel.

A little suspicious…

Is the Revolutionary Army coming to Wanokuni too?

It seems that CP0 led by Rob Rucci is heading to Wano, then the Revolutionary Army may be heading to Wano as well.

Something happened to Sabo in the Marie-Joa incident, and Dragon said that he needed to confirm the facts first.

Therefore, some members of the Revolutionary Army must be on their way to Marie-Joa, but Robin is also an important person for the Revolutionary Army.

If they find out that Robin is being targeted, the revolutionary forces will probably make a move.

The Revolutionary Army will probably participate in a more tremendous battle than the summit battle that is about to take place.

Robin is also a master of the Dragon Claw Sword?

While fighting Black Maria, Robin was remembering the days he spent in the Revolutionary Army.

The fishman karate that he learned there was the key to victory against Black Maria.

Robin said, “Well, can you… teach me a little? TENOHIRA” and tried to get him to teach him a little bit.

But then, there was a description of koala even teaching him the secrets of fishman karate.

It was not just a “little bit.”

I think he also learned the “Ryu-tsume-ken” that Sabo was trying to teach him.

At that time, Sabo’s hand was in the form of a “dragon claw,” one of the techniques of Ryu-tsume-ken.

It is said that once a person masters that technique, his or her head can be crushed as easily as an egg.

If Robin did it in his demon blooming state, it would have tremendous destructive power.

After that, he also mentioned about identifying the “nucleus,” so he may have also taught “dragon’s breath,” in which the nucleus is important.

Ryu-tsume-ken” has the character for dragon in it.

Therefore, it is rumored that “Ryu-tsume-ken” was taught to Sabo by Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army.

I’d like to see more of Dragon’s secret techniques, even in Robin’s version!

What is the legendary warrior Nika?

In One Piece Episode 1018, the existence of the legendary warrior “Nika, God of the Sun,” who is said to save the slaves, is revealed.

If the guards were erased after talking about Nika as Foo Foo said, then Nika is a very important person.

Like the “D” clan, she may be connected to the secrets of the world.

It is rumored on the Internet that Nika is modeled on Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, and that she became Nika because she makes people smile with a “nikka” smile.

Also, in One Piece, there have been many key words and pictures related to the god of the sun and the sun.

The sun god in Shandra, the longing of the Fisherman’s Island is under the Taiyou, the festival of Elbaf is “the death and resurrection of the sun,” the crest of the Kouzuki family on the flag of Alabasta, Blackbeard’s sun and darkness remarks, the sun cross only found on the ruins, etc….

It’s like there are traces of these things left on Sorajima and Alabasta, which are hard for the government to reach, and those that remain with other people are in a different form, and the rest can be traced from ruins and folklore.

You can see that the faith, which the government forbids us to even know exists, but it persists.

The Secret Held by Jinbe

In One Piece Episode 1018, the impact of Nika, the God of the Sun, was strong, but it seems that there were many things to be noted in Jinbe as well.

I will try to divide them into anger and strength.

First of all, the reason why Jinbe was furious with Who’s-Who was because Who’s-Who spoke lightly about the discrimination against fishmen and the history of fishmen.

The correct line was, “I hear there were former slaves in the Taiyo pirates! I thought the history of the Fishermen was the history of slavery!!!!” The correct line is, “The history of the Taiyo pirates is the history of slavery!

It could be taken to mean that he was caught by the word “Taiyo.

Furthermore, the statement “I have nothing to tell you! could be taken to mean that he would not speak “to the hoosegow,” not that he knew nothing about it.

He is also deeply connected with “Fisher Tiger,” known as the hero of slave liberation, so he may know something about Nika, the sun god.

Next is strength.

CP0 and others mentioned Jinbe’s strength.

When Who’s-Who, who was supposed to be a promising prospect in CP9, found out that he was going to fight Jinbe, he said, “The opponent is that… Jinbe,” and even questioned whether Who’s-Who would survive.

His wariness toward Jinbe is amazing.

Furthermore, when Jinbe attacked Who’s-Who, he emitted what looked like black lightning.

Then, “Fisherman Karate Okugi Onigawara Shoken” was activated by stopping his fist right in front of Who’s-Who.

This description, it looks like a high color, but it may actually be mastered.

What is the secret of the straw hat?

The straw hat that Luffy is wearing.

In One Piece Episode 1017, the spotlight was on the rubber seed that Luffy ate, and it was brought back into the spotlight.

Furthermore, in One Piece Episode 1018, Foo Foo said that he would turn his grudge against Luffy because he inherited the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” and the “Straw Hat”.

The straw hat belonged to the pirate king Roger before Shanks wore it.

Roger was already wearing it when he invited Reilly to become a pirate (One Piece Vol. 61, Episode 603).

Does Who’s-Who know about it?

Before Luffy, it was Shanks, before Shanks, it was Roger, and perhaps the person who was wearing it before that is also a big name?

Straw hats are also kept in Marie-Joa, a sacred place where the world’s nobles live.

From these facts, there is no doubt that straw hats have some important meaning.

Along with the straw hat, there is also the story of the sun god.

If you look at the straw hat from above, it looks like the sun.

It is possible that the legendary warrior wore a straw hat and was called the “sun god” because the straw hat looked like the sun.

Or, considering that the purpose of straw hats is to protect them from sunlight, the straw hats could be seen as a rebellion against the sun.

That may be why straw hats are kept in Marie-Joa, a sacred place that (supposedly) does not recognize the sun god, as a symbol of the anti-sun god.

Who’s-Who came to believe in Nika, the sun god, during his imprisonment, so if the “straw hat” is an enemy of the sun, it is reasonable to dislike the hat.

If it is a symbol of the anti-sun god, the situation would be quite complicated.

Shanks who deposited the hat is not after One Piece?

The famous scene in One Piece episode 1 where Shanks entrusts the hat to Luffy.

Shanks said “I leave this hat to you” and put the hat on Luffy and told him to become a great pirate and return it to him.

This was a shout-out to the boy Luffy, and he took it as a nuance that he could give the hat to him, but he was betting on the possibility that they might meet again by making a promise.

However, this hat originally belonged to Roger, and its importance can be seen from its location in the Holy Land and from Who’s-Who’s statement in episode 1018.

Why did he leave such a hat to Luffy?

He stayed in Hoosier Village for more than a year, so did he think that Luffy had enough prospects to entrust the hat to him during that time?

Also, when Shanks was on Roger’s ship, he took care of Buggy who got a fever just before going to the last island.

He also said, “If we’re going, we’ll go on our own ship someday! He said, “If we’re going, we’ll go on our own boat someday!

This statement sounds a bit passive.

And it is said that when Roger went to Laugh Tale and asked him about something, he cried.

These facts raise the possibility that the straw hat was necessary to obtain One Piece, but the treasure was not obtained because there was no hat.

Or it could be that Shanks is not that attached to One Piece and has a different purpose.

Shanks is Luffy’s benefactor, the Four Emperors, and a person so important that he is given special treatment by Five Elders.

We still don’t know what he’s thinking beyond the 1000th episode… and we can’t wait to find out!