“JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)” will come to the end in 2 years!? Mr. Akutami dropped a bombshell!!

Mr. Akutami Gege, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, appeared on the popular Japanese TV show “Mando Kobayashi” twice in a row.
In this program, Mr. Akutami made a surprising statement!

He said that he has completed 60-70% of the story in the Shibuya Incident Arc., and that the series will be completed in about two years. He also said that he had already decided on the last scene.
No one knows what will actually happen, but the fans are in an uproar over this statement.

Mr. Kendo Kobayashi, famous Japanese comedian(left side), and Mr. Akutami, author of “Jujutsu Kaisen”(right side)