Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 210 Preview and Outline Released!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 210 will air next Sunday, 8th August!

Preview of the next episode (from the official website:

The village of Konohagakure has been in contact with Jigen and the other leaders of the “Kara”, but still has not been able to find out the details of the organization. It turns out that Boro, whom Boruto and his friends fought, is the founder of a cult that seeks salvation through the “The Infinite Tsukuyomi” technique of the Otsutsuki clan, and Konohamaru and Sai are sent on a mission to infiltrate the cult in order to find out its relationship with the “Kara”. There, they meet a woman who tells them that her brother, who was chosen by Boro to work for the “gods,” is coming home after several years away. However, for some reason, the woman’s brother can’t come back and ……!