“The Promised Neverland” The live-action film will be released on DVD!!

The Blu-ray and DVD of the “The Promised Neverland,” which was released last December, will be released on May 19.

This film is a live-action of a prison escape fantasy that has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. The film has become the talk of the town for its gorgeous casting, exciting suspense and human drama.

 This time it was announced that the film will be released in three versions: Blu-ray Special Edition (3-disc set, 7,800 yen), DVD Special Edition (3-disc set, 6,800 yen), and Standard Edition (3,800 yen) (all prices are exclusive of tax). The Blu-ray and DVD rentals will start at the same time.

 The Special Edition is a gorgeous 3-disc set full of special features including unreleased footage and a special program to commemorate the release. The Standard Edition includes crank-up footage that can only be seen here.