“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Season2” Info about air date!

 Fuji Television Network, Inc. held a spring revamped press conference on 8th, and Mr. Tsubasa Saito, the director of the programming center of the programming bureau, revealed that “nothing has been decided yet” regarding the air date of the second season of the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “Yukaku-hen (Entertainment District Arc.)”.

 The second season of “Demon Slayer: kImetsu no Yaiba, Yuukaku-hen” was announced in the special program “Kimetsu Festival Online: Anime 2 years Anniversary Celebration” on the 14th of last month. The story of the second season is “Yuukaku-hen(Entertainment District Arc.)” which depicts the next mission of Tanjiro and his friends who were able to complete their mission on the Mugen train. The story unfolds as Tanjiro and his friends head for the district where demons live, together with Uzui Tengen, one of the member of the Demon Slayer Corps as the Sound-Hahisra.

 The poster for the second season depicts Uzui Tengen on a mission with Tanjiro and the others in the “Yuukaku Arc”, and in the first promotional video, you can see the streets of the Yukaku and Uzui Tengen looking down on it from the roof.