The “Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba” x USJ Collaboration: VR Coaster and Restaurants!!

From September 17, Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will start a collaboration with “Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and the attraction “Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba XR Ride”, where you can enjoy the battle of Tanijiro and his friends with great power, will be available for a limited time. There will also be two collaboration restaurants: the “Wisteria Flower Restaurant” will offer the “Ao no Gozen” based on the image of Giyu Tomioka, the Hashira of water, while the “Studio Stars Restaurant” will offer the “Yummy! Yummy!! Beef hot pot and grilled curry set” will be served at the Studio Stars Restaurant.

Check the official website of Universal Studios Japan!!