Manga Flip, a Manga App for Overseas Users, Released Free English Translation of Original Manga Works!!

Amazia Inc. has released “Manga Flip,” a manga app for overseas users, as its second service for overseas users. The app is now distributing free English translations of original mangas.
Amazia Inc. has been in the manga app business since October 2012, and has grown rapidly since the launch of “Manga BANG!” in November 2014.
In October 2020, Amazia released “Tokyo Anime News,” an English-language news site related to anime and manga, as its first service aimed at attracting users who prefer Japanese manga and anime overseas.

Through both “Tokyo Anime News” and the newly released “Manga Flip”, the company aims to promote the habit of viewing Japanese manga in their original versions, and to explore the potential of manga services in the US and English-speaking countries. The company is also conducting marketing to explore the potential of manga services in the U.S. and English-speaking countries. While experimenting with monetization methods, the company aims to develop a subscription and other chargeable revenue models in the future.