“Attack on Titan” comes to an end, and a short movie of the Titans shedding tears is aired.

To commemorate the release of the final volume (Volume 34) of the “Attack on Titan” manga series on June 9, Kodansha began airing a special movie, “The Amazing Titan,” on June 7 on the large LED screen in the East-West Free Passage of JR Shinjuku Station.

The special movie will be shown on the 1.7m high and 45.6m wide large screen. The video posted on the official Twitter of “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (@BETSUMAGAnews)” shows Titans appearing from the collapsed wall and shedding tears.

“Attack on Titan” was first serialized in the October 2009 issue of “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” and ended its 11-year, 7-month run with the May issue released on April 9 this year.