“Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2” Information about airdate released!

On January 22, it was announced that part 2 of the TV anime “Attack on Titan: The Final Season”, which started airing this winter, will start airing in January of next year. It will be aired from episode 76.

The latest information on the broadcast was announced at the “Orchestra Concert of Attack on Titan” held on the 22nd. Director Yuichiro Hayashi said, “Sorry for the wait! The Final Season Part 2 will start in January next year! From the large-scale battle in Shiganshina District to the story that approaches the origin of the Titans, we are finally approaching the climax of the story. We are also taking on many new challenges in terms of visuals. Please look forward to seeing how that scene will be visualized at ……! I hope you enjoy it!

 Before the new episode airs, there will be a special compilation that looks back on the past episodes of the series, as well as an original anime (OAD) that will be told from the perspective of Levi, Annie, Mikasa, and others.